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Solidarity with New Narratives 2014!

The Brotherhood of the Free (BoF) expresses its solidarity and hearty support for New Narratives 2014, as well as Radfems Respond, both to be held in Portland, OR., in Memorial Day weekend.
The Brotherhood of the Free (BoF), a fraternal organization of and for Male GNC (formerly erroneously known as "trans women") combating misogyny, sexism, classism, ableism, and chauvinism that drive the sex-change industry, and to liberate effeminate and/or homosexual men from delusional thinking and evil anti-social behaviors under guise of transgenderism, has unanimously expressed its support and solidarity with the upcoming New Narratives 2014 event, an all-male gathering of Male GNC for the purpose of education and enlightenment; and Radfems Respond, a public forum to educate the general public about the harms transgenderism cause to our society, especially to women and children.

BoF members aggressively battle the agents of transgenderism, expose their deeds, and rescue Male GNC from transgender lifestyle. All BoF members are Male GNC previously victims of transgender ideology and lifestyle. BoF members swore a solemn oath to reclaim their manhood, both sacred birthright and noble duty, while standing up for the rights of effeminate and homosexual men to be who they are.

The Brotherhood of the Free encourages all Male GNC to conspicuously wear at all times a placard stating that they are male whenever they are in public, and adopt a name that will clearly identify them as a man, for the protection of females.

We also invite all participants of New Narratives to the Brotherhood, and await their active participation.