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PDX HORSEPOWER! ...Believe it! ...Or? Believe it Not!

"Does the Truth Always End Up in the Compost Bin?"
Composted 05/05/2014

So! ...Here We Go! ...Down the Rabbit Hole

Posted 4:04 AM PST

Later that Day, 05/05/2014
Athletic Director Bob De Carolis
Oregon State University

"I want to thank Coach Robinson and his family for their contributions to Oregon State University," said athletic director Bob De Carolis in a statement released by the school. "This was a difficult decision, but after further evaluation, I believe it is in the best interests of our student-athletes, our basketball program and our University."

Robinson will receive a buyout of $4 million -- or 10 times Obama's salary of $400,000.

Craig Robinson, who had three years left on his contract, was 94-105 in six seasons at Oregon State.


Athletic Director Bob De Carolis
Oregon State University

Athletic Director Bob De Carolis had issued a letter on March 28 saying, "I'm looking forward to watching Coach Robinson continue to build our program. ... I ask for your continued support of Beaver basketball."


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"You're Doing a Great! Job! Brownie!" - President George Bush in Regard to Katrina Disaster FEMA Director Michael Brown.


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