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Sunday Assembly Portland, featuring Stephen M. Cahill

Educator Stephen M. Cahill will be the keynote speaker at Sunday Assembly Portland on May 18, speaking on the topic of living with honesty and integrity. Sunday Assembly Portland is a secular congregation modeled on a church. Their events are patterned after church services but have no religious content.
Sunday Assembly's charter features three main principles: Live better. Help often. Wonder more. Each gathering addresses those principles through singing and live music, fellowship, and an inspirational talk by an engaging guest speaker. Stephen M. Cahill holds an MBA in sustainable business from the Bainbridge Graduate Institute in Seattle, where he teaches in the fields of alternative economics, systems thinking, and business innovation. His current projects include an international sustainable development effort with a small prep school in the recovering region of Gulu in northern Uganda. Sunday Assembly is a global network of congregations started by two British comedians who envisioned a church-like organization friendly to believers and nonbelievers alike. The Sunday Assembly movement has since spread across the U.K. and Australia, and to many major cities in the United States. www.sundayassembly.com Sunday Assembly Portland, founded in 2014, offers the communal music and fun of a church gathering, but with the deliberate absence of any religious or supernatural content. Citing a strategy of "radical inclusion", the group seeks to build community that is friendly to all, including those whose lack of religious belief may cause them to feel alienated in a typical church setting. portland.sundayassembly.com

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Sunday Assembly Portland 05.May.2014 20:34

Korin Scott Leman

Sunday Assembly Portland
Sunday Assembly Portland
Sunday Assembly Portland