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Video: Why Capitalism is Killing the Planet, 27 min

There's no market solution to global warming. We are overconsuming everything like there's no tomorrow. 3/4 of the goods and services don't need to be made: endless waste streams, fashions, autos, junk mail, the so-called credit industry. Market anarchy as promoted by Adam Smith is different than prioritzing human needs.
to watch the 27 minute video from Richard Smith and www.socialistproject.ca, click on


"Capitalism is the main driver of ecological collapse. Competition forces corporations to drive down wages. CEOs and corporations are responsible to shareholders. Coal, oil and gas must be left in the ground. How can companies subordinate profit and stay in business?... We must put the brakes on industrial growth. Equivalent jobs must be provided for closed industries...

Rightwing economists like Milton Friedman denied the possibility of planning and equated it with Stalinism. Capitalists plan the economy all the time, meet at Davos and privatize the commons... Why don't we get to vote on GMOs?... We have to plan democratic institutions to run our economy. Via Campesina and California initiatives are examples. Democracy can only work in economic equality. "We can only have democracy or concentration of wealth, not both," Justice Brandeis said. Life is better and people are happier when societies are more equal (cf. Spirit Level). There is enough for everyone's need, not everyone's greed, Gandhi said... Closing the book on capitalism and bujilding an eco-socialist world is the greatest challenge and hope..."

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Why don't we get to vote on GMOs? 06.May.2014 14:29


I believe we do. Its called voting with our pocketbooks.

Personally, I am not one who worries about GMOs, but if its a big concern of yours then you should avoid them. To me, carbohydrates are carbohydrates. I don't worry about a lot things people tell me I should. Climate change for one. I believe there are much bigger things to believe in. I know my attitude will piss a lot of people off, but I can't help it.

I grew up in a time where the big threat was global thermal nuclear war, a Jim Crow south, planetary starvation, and getting drafted and killed in a war in South east Asia.

Now the biggest problem these times can muster for our first world lives is if it will be warmer this year than last (which we haven't been in almost 20 years), whether the chicken I eat is free range, or if my taco shell made from corn that is grown in a manner that my uneducated lazy western ass can't understand, but the Pakistani student behind the counter who just served it to me who is also working on his doctorate in molecular biology can understand it.

Enjoy your life. Its way too short to throw away on made up bullshit.

China 18.May.2014 13:32


Communism is doing a pretty good job of destroying the planet too. Just take a deep breath in Beijing. Or Chernobyl. Man is an idiot no matter what "system" he's into.