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So! ...Here We Go! ...Down the Rabbit Hole.

Presidents, Media, and The War Against the People of the United States.
First, to provide You with a Reference to the Convoluted Complexities of the Hidden Social Dis-Organization and Destruction of America, the Little Bits of Information that Paint the Pictures of the Past, Present and Inevitable Futures without a Direction Change.

Here is a link to some of my previous writing on this Subject, and due to the many facets, understanding and comprehending the simplicity and depths of the Lies we live within will begin to become all to apparent.

Go Here First - for a Refresher

The "Good Stuff!" is Here!

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I have long described a World in which involved Street Prostitution and Criminal on their path to Prosperity and How it related to My Past on the Streets of Sacramento, California starting around 1988.

I've claimed the meetings of President Clinton in a Broken Down Ram Shack of a Motel, and Barack Obama in a Dress. I've Claimed to have Dated Sarah Palin in the front seat of my Truck before anyone knew who she was, and that I had Sex with the First Lady when we almost had a Fight over Her Brother Owing me $150 Dollars for fronting him some Crack Cocaine.

I posted the Court Records of nearly 20 Girls that are related to the Media Subversion List, with the True Names before they took on new Identities in the Media, and Local Politics. Some I only found because the Sacramento County Superior Court was Kind and Conscious Enough to place a Searchable Database for Criminal Cases Online in Support of the New Digital Revolution. The "Identity Makers" forgot the new trend towards Digital Replication of Information, So come the Missing Traces of My Past.

I Searched the Records for Many, and found the Forgotten of Few, I Searched for Barack Obama, and Barry Soetoro, too easy to know they would not Appear. But, Then came Michelle Robinson, and just who is She? She is the First Lady of the Current President of the United States. Court Cases on Welfare Fraud and PC 647b Prostitution. Quickly slips away the Reasoning for the possibility of Future Connections to Acorn Housing Projects and their willingness to fudge Paperwork for a Pimp and a Wayward Prostitute. (They Can Easily Change the Picture on Her Files, but Men of Law, and Courage will Always Know the Truth).

The little Indicators that if One Man Tells the Truth about his Past, the Greater the Possibility the other Stories he told you were not only True, but the Road to Demand the Truth from the Rest of the Participants and History Itself.

You Want the "Rabbit Hole?" --- "Well? ...Neither Did I"


Images of the Past, Images of History Long Lost, Here We Find Ourselves and the Shadows they Cast.

Examine the Images Carefully. They are the Map to this History. I have Little Time or Comfort for this War Anymore, So I Will Give You many Links to How Both You and I got to where We are Today.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

"The Stack Dump" - A Preponderance of the Path to America's Truth.

Subversion Media List

Court Records -Rainey AKA Emily Deschanel

Court Records -#13 Lavina Bastio AKA Rosemary Orazco- Asscociated with #118 Bill Clinton and the Rolling Green Motel in Sacramento, California.

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Court Records -#39 Laurie Archer AKA Monica Woods - TV Weather Personality KXTV Channel 10

Court Records -#48 Rainey AKA Emily Deschanel (Duplicate or Revised)

Court Records -#66 Debbie Rentfrow AKA Catherine Zeta-Jones

Court Records -#40 Anita Taylor - AKA Natalie Bomke Ex-Employee Reporter/News Anchor KTXL Fox Channel 40

Court Records -#65 Debbie Martinez AKA Sharokina Shams - Employee Reporter KCRA Channel 3

Court Records -#31 Susan Stonebridge - AKA Lady Princess Diana of Wales - Fox News Anchor to Present.

Court Records -#11 Cheryl Hardy - Associated with #13 Lavina Bastio, #21 Kristen Marshall

Court Records -#89 Kelly Marshall - AKA Ann Coulter

Court Records -#83 Mercedes - AKA Megyn Kelly - Fox Network News Anchor

Court Records -#20 Michelle Kane AKA Bunny - Former TV News Anchor KOVR Channel 13

Court Records -#47 Kerry McCurdy - AKA Marcey Brightwell - Former Reporter KXTV Channel 10

Court Records -#53 Michele Monagin - AKA Nikki - Hollywood Actress - Franka Potente (Jason Bourne Series)

Court Records -#23 Brandy - AKA Colleen Jean Allen -Juliet Huddy - Fox Network News Anchor - Mike&Juliet Show

Court Records -#49 Tiffany Sheasir - AKA Cristina Mendonsa - Employee/Anchor Reporter KXTV Channel 10

Media Subversion List (Updated Version 3)

Media Subversion List (Updated or Duplicate)

U.S. Domestic Spying - Inside United States

Tales of the Pontiac - Prostitution in Sacramento, CA (Version 1)

Tales of the Pontiac - (Version 4)

Mapes Family - My Relative/Cousin from the Past - #6 Eillen Javora Employee/Weather Personality KCRA Channel 3
Her Father Glenn Mapes, Navy Lieutenent Intelligence G2 - Security Clearenc G7, Psycholgy Professor American River College, Sacramento, CA
Mapes Relativiy - Visual Face Comparison

Jewel Kilcher - The Words I said to her while I held her in my Arms 7 years previously as a Prostitute in Sacramento, California, end up in Music Video for 3 Seconds.

U.S. Domestic Spying United States, Photo Documantation 162nd Combat Communications Wing USAF/ANG 3900 Roseville Rd., North Highlands, California 2006.

U.S. Domestic Spying - Attack on My Person 2008 Details/Vehicle found in 2010 Review of 2006 Photos and Comfirmed by EXIF Data Embedded in Photos

Screenshot Photo Documenting Report I wrote in 2006 that Resulted in the Saving of Many Soldier Injuries in the Iraq/Afghanistan War doue the Defeating of IED and Car Bomb Technologies then Employed, Originally Written on Medialine.Com Chatboard, and still Resides on Mac G4 Computer Hard Drives that are in need of Video Card Repair.

Jared Laughner/Mark Kelly Relative Face Comparison

Jared Laughner Comparison to Mother Gabrielle Giffords- See:Jared Laughner Facebook Friends, Riddle Note.

Picasa Facial Recognition Picks Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly as Same Person Prompt.

Jared Laughner - Gabby Giffords Image Comparisons

Bill Clinton's Love Child 1989-1990 with #13 Media Subversion List Lavina Bastio

Media Subversion List (Update Duplicate)

Mark Kelly Interview - ABC MISSING - After I exposed "Two-Talking" related to Jared Laughner/Giffords Relationship this Episode was Removed from Public Display.

How the Secret SOciety Absorbs the Spheres of Influence of Men through the Use of Prostitution, Extortion and Covet Means.

The Sacramento Family of Rose's that Link to the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock Arkansas and Bill Clinton, White Water, and the Mena Drug Cartel.

Additional GIF Animation - Bill Clinton Love Child

"Two-Talking" Examples - Barack Obama/Bill O'Reilly talking about Iraq/and Sacramento Ayran Brotherhood, the Press, and the known Secrets all in One Conversation.

Bio Weapons EMF/Microwave FOIA Army Document Quick Reference Guide by Tracy Mapes

EXIF Data Documentation - Finding USAF/ANG Vehicle Resposible in 2008 Microwave Assault on Person Tracy Mapes

"Two-Talking" and Media Double Speak Quick Instruction Guide by Tracy Mapes

EMF/Microwave Weapons Update Screenshot Article posted on Portland Indy Media by Tracy Mapes

NASA Employee releases 4 Photos on the Web in Support of the Principles of the Red 'X' Society marking Government Falacies.

Tracy Mapes Designs Prototype in 2011, for Ocean Wave Compression Electric Power Generation to give Free Power to All Citizens for the Foreseeable Future.

"Official" Two-Talking Dictionary used by the Media and the President of the United States used for Secreted Commiunications during any Televised Speech, Interview or Social Engagement, designed for Online Use by Tracy Mapes

Prostitution Map of Sacramento, California includes TV Station Affilations, and Distribution of Personnel.

Lady Spencer Princess Diana of Wales new Identity. Ever Wonder where Catherine Zeta Jones got her Royal Attachment to Wales?, Why Amy a Producer's Assistant became England's Singing Wonder "Adele"? Here is Your Answer, Why Laura Spencer's Name is "Spencer?"

1960 Example of Secret "Two-Talking" Language that Helped Define "It Is What It Is". Use this Dictionary when trying to Dicypher the Speech of President John F. Kennedy named President and the Press of April 27th, 1961, where he discusses the Secret Society and the Military Industril Complex and the Danger We as Americans would Face in the Future.


Tracy Mapes Youtube Channels Documenting his time as a Freelance News Stringer/Reporter in Sacramento, California between the Years 1995 and 2005, where he covered over 200 Homicides and Documented Over 1000 News Stories for local Television News and events, with National and World Distribution, Plus Various Family, Lifestyle, Entertainment and Theory Videos.





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Craigslist Writing

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ U.S. Citizen \\\\\\\\\\\\\ WARNING!!!! ////////////
2012 Media Subversion List - Coup D'Etat , Treason USA

Image Accounts

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Photoshopping at Freakingnews.Com

 link to www.freakingnews.com

News Video Footage

I Have 10 Years of Video Footage that May Contain Additional Persons, Audio and Or Related
Content to Point to Other Individuals that have been Drafted/Indoctrinated into this Media
Subversion Scheme.

I Also Maintain Every Hard Drive and Computer since 1997 - Present, though extracting the
Information May Require Professinal Hard Drive Recovery in Some Instances.

I Also have Possession of Nearly Every Telephonic, Cellphone, and Pager since about 1989.

All of This Digital and Analog Information should be Preserved for Historical or Legal
Purposes due the the Importance and Preservation of Evidence, History, and the Security
of Our Nation.

-Tracy Mapes

Just wondering... 05.May.2014 08:23

Converse Murdoch

Did you ever get your $150 on that crack deal ?

interesting 05.May.2014 09:35


Can you go into a little more detail about the time you dated Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Actually? ... 05.May.2014 15:54

Tracy Mapes

I lost $450 in 3 Separate Transactions.

J-Love was most likely a Virgin, and She probably wasn't the only one.