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Ukraine's President Fled with TENS of BILLION$ in Cash

Yanukovych was a victim? Hahahahaha
Viktor Yanukovych, the former President of Ukraine, fled his "beloved" country with at least thirty two BILLION dollars in currency. By some estimates he hijacked HALF of Ukraine's liquid currency, using a convoy of trucks. No wonder he beat such a hasty retreat. His Mafia styled "government" really pulled off quite a heist. British banking officials are sending investigators to assist in tracking down the dough. Anyone who really thinks this guy was a "man of the people" who was unjustly ejected from office and slandered only need to study this development to realize the people of Kiev and Ukraine knew what they were talking about when they branded Yanukovych a cheap crook. Sort of a Nixonesque tableau.

"British Banking Officials" Sending Investigators To Track "Ukrainian Dough" 02.May.2014 16:13


Oh Yeah. We must trust the Dear Olde City of London. If we can't trust them...

Actually, to trust them is suicidal; but what the hell.

Let's let those leeches "track down the dough." Sure why not? Just 'cause they lie whenever their lips happen to be open, is surely no proof that they might be lying now.

The IMF will steal more with their briefcases than 100 men with AK-47s.

Putin's Capo 02.May.2014 17:19


Ask anybody you know who has lived in Russia/Former USSR and they will confirm this.

Putin is the Don. He is not the president. The President of a country is a western construct.

How do the police get paid in Russia? Yes they get a fixed salary, about $40 a month or something that won't even cover a night out to dinner.
So how do they get paid? How do their bosses get paid, and Putin?
First you have to understand that nobody and I mean nobody plays by the rules over there. Not the french fry chef, not the meter reader, not the store clerk, nobody.
The tax rate is over 70 percent. But that doesn't matter because nobody pays it anyway.
So how do the police get paid?
You don't believe me that nobody pays it right? (again ask someone you know personally who has lived in Russia).

Here is how they get paid.
A law is passed that says you have to put a full size Christmas tree in your business, but you couldn't find a Christmas tree for $1000 anywhere in Moscow.
the police come by your tiny mom and pop business and say "I see you have no Christmas tree, so we are going to shut you down and pull the electricity"
They say if you give me $10, I'll not pull the plug today but next week you better have a tree.
That cop takes that $10 and splits it. He keep $6 and passes $4 to his boss, who in turn splits it and passes $3 or so upstairs and so on until it hits the top dog. Putin.
If the cop won't take a bribe, he won't be a cop long because he will be replaced by someone who will pass the money upstairs.
And that's how they get paid.

Again, ask someone who has lived there.

This shit goes on at a massive scale in every aspect of life there.
Look up the history of Gazprom. I like that, I'll take it and give it to my buddy says Mr. Putin.
Remember that scene in the Godfather part II, where the mob just grabbed the casino owner and physically beat him and threw him out of the casino and took it from him???
Crimea, that's pretty, I like that, I'll take it. What you going do about it? Huh?

Again, anybody thing Putin is the President or the Don?

Exactly Like The USSA With ObamaCare, Nothing New 02.May.2014 20:55


Judge Thomas Raffaele's Alleged NYPD Attacker Won't Face Criminal Charges

 link to www.huffingtonpost.com

Like they give a flying shit?

Obama Was Born In A Test Tube 02.May.2014 21:02


In Rumania. A total mind-controlled puppet. Of You Know Who.