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may day report ?

anyone want to report on portland's may day events.
(i did not attend, because of action on oil terminal front in vancouver.)

Same old routine 02.May.2014 10:02


Some speeches were given, some signs were waived. Everyone patted themselves on the back on went home. Victory!

Another Liberal Parade, yay... 02.May.2014 11:55


Everything was nice and very peaceful. Folks got to speak there mind, cops got lots of overtime, and the 20-30 White men who hide out on Oregon Live have something else to bitch and whine about. So everyone got what they wanted, I guess?

may day popo 03.May.2014 22:23

tax payer

lots of cops (6 - 8 cars/vans following) 4 or 5 horses, dozen motorcycles, maybe 150 on bikes, 4 or 5 sergeants on foot, 12 riot squad members on Burnside bridge, ice cream truck drove by, one homeland security cop drove by, 4 forensic guys w/ cameras, and a few tri-met cops along the max line - and no harassment or scuffles with (that I seen)

about 1,500 to 2,000 people participated in the march which took up about two blocks when marching the usual route through downtown.

jesus 04.May.2014 15:02


You seriously believe the FBI played music so people couldn't hear "This is what democracy looks like!!!" over and over?

what, do you think the FBI is worried that the chants that have been beaten to death for the past few decades were somehow going to ignite a rebellion among Portland liberals?

You have a wildly overinflated idea of your importance, and the importance of marches where terrified leftists march around holding signs and patting themselves on the back.