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There Is A Paper Petition For Single Payer Health Insurance.

We need single payer health insurance and now there is a way to get it done.
I will assume that most people have heard of or read about HR 676 which is a single payer health insurance bill. HR 676 is a single payer health insurance bill in the Congress in Washington D.C. HR 676 would establish a single payer health insurance for every citizen here in the U.S. and there would be no insurance companies to deal with, no co-pays, no bills, no deductibles and no premiums.
There is a complete text of HR 676 at ( Healthcare-Now ) and the text does include a plan for how this bill will work and how it will be paid for. Also at ( Healthcare-Now ) there is a petition which you can print out, then have people sign it, then you mail it back to the folks running ( Healthcare-Now ).