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Prepare to pay the Troll the Toll.

Tucked into the GROW AMERICA Act, the White House's $302 billion transportation bill, is a toll provision that calls for eliminating "the prohibition on tolling existing free Interstate highways, subject to the approval of the Secretary, for purposes of reconstruction."

It also allows states more flexibility to use toll revenue for repairs "on all components of their highway systems."
So you say, I don't drive a car, so I don't care.

Ok, do you eat, or buy anything that is transported by Truck? Then those costs will be passed on to you.

Don't be fooled by the "The tolls will only be allowed to go to highway repair", because as we all know, the funds that use to go to highway repair will immediately be diverted elsewhere leaving the same amount of under funded highways in need of repair.

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Finally, Equality in taxes 30.Apr.2014 18:28


Finally Bill Gates will pay the same amount (or his limo chauffeur) as I do.


Roads need to be maintained, but is this the best way to do it, even in this Washington DC chicken-shit political environment?

This is a direct result of politicians being too big a pussies to say, hey, you want to spend your money on gas taxes, or do you want to spend it at the repair shop buying a new axle because of the pot-hole you just drove into, not to mention taking time from work to pick up the car after the tow truck pulled it out of the pot-hole.?

I guess the best solution was for everybody to reach in their pockets and pull out some money equally. Rich and poor alike.

nad news 01.May.2014 06:54


Tolls are for guaranteed profits for lenders. Very regressive.

Bill Gates doesn't pay gas taxes? I don't think so. 01.May.2014 07:19


@iou: So when Bill Gates or his chaffeur tank up the limo, they don't have to pay any gas taxes, like the rest of us? I don't think so.

If potholes and highways need repair, instead of creating inconvenient toll booths with a new layer of infrastructure and bureaucracy, why not just increase the gas taxes? Then all drivers would have to pay equally, including Bill Gates, and we wouldn't have to endure those inconvenient toll booths, added infrastructure, and a new layer of bureaucracy.


not to mention 01.May.2014 08:56

no tolls

There is really no telling where that toll money is going to be used. I guess one could say that about any tax money around (just what are they truly doing with the gasoline tax money?) Obvious would be to take 30% of the published offense, excuse me, defense budget and in 10 years one would have the current estimate of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) required to upgrade obtain a B grade on transportation infrastructure of $1.7 trillion. And that doesn't even touch budgets for 'Homeland Security' or other nonsensical wastes of collective wealth. I'd bet it could easily be done in 5 without impacting services of the public sector that are truly important to the common man. But that's too easy, right, even if it's the thing that you and I do when we're pressed for cash?

Our fair share... 01.May.2014 09:54


I believe the point I was trying to make is that when someone taxes income its generally at a progressive rate rather than a flat rate. Even if you ignore the election year bullshit about Warren Buffet's secretary's rate (She pulls in about $500,000 a year including stock options, without the deductions hence her paying a larger percentage than Warren, but it sounds like she makes about $30,000 in our minds, which is why it was an effective argument).

A bridge/highway toll is a flat rate where Warren, his secretary, and Burger flipper all pay the same rate to get to work and home again.

If congress leaves this in the legislation you can expect toll booths popping up everywhere ballooning the bureaucracy. Which is perhaps the entire point. I'm sure some would consider this to be a jobs program even though nothing is produced, its just a mindless tax collecting job (assuming its not automated).

Everyone may pay the same but it's not the same 02.May.2014 07:30


percentage of income. It's a regressive tax.

Once again the government is trying to make up the budget off our backs rather than going after the corporate welfare queens. If Amazon and Google and Microsoft and all the Koch enterprises were paying their fair share our roads and bridges, not to mention our schools, would be spectacular.

Washington state Gov. Inslee just unilaterally gave away $8billions with a B in tax breaks to Boeing . That surely left a few more bridges to rust and fall down.

Tolling on the 520 bridge between Seattle and Bellevue simply moved a large percentage of traffic to alternative routes.

And tolling is the first step in privatizing. The Indiana toll road, the major route between Detroit and Chicago was paid off long ago but they kept the toll. And then the prince of Spain bought the road.

(side note: And what's with selling off our strategic infrastructure to foreign interests? Isn't that treason?)

Tolling: another really bad, stupid idea.


 link to www.queenannenews.com

Who Pays? The Human Toll
Guest column by Candace Bullard

A hair dresser I know had to quit her job in Bellevue because she couldn't afford the 520 tolls. "Oh, yeah, the Lexus bridge. Not driving that one anymore." ...

How many more people will lose their jobs because they can't afford the I-90 tolls to drive to work on Mercer Island or to the eastside? Gardeners, house cleaners, baristas, store clerks, bank tellers, nannies, and caregivers. Underpaid "service" workers will be effectively quarantined on either side of the great divide. Then who will work the car wash? (more)