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Film The Police, meets power trippin Parole Officers from Sherriffs Office

Portland Parole Officers treat copwatching videographer rudely.
Film The Police (FTP) gets a flashlight pointed at their camera, and Parole supervisor plays hide n seek with identifying who his agents are when asked respectfully by cameraman.
[Obvious] lack of training is evident with Portland Parole Officers / Sherriff's in this FTP video filmed in downtown Portland Oregon in April 2014

The 'Whole World Is Watching' how they interact and hide from accountability.

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXQF6X-FdeI - 6 minute video

[About FTP]
Film The Police Portland is a grassroots, volunteer-run organization that focuses on police accountability through filming police encounters in the community. We intend to achieve our goals by growing our numbers of video activists so we can cover the entire downtown area of Portland Oregon!




Re: "Film the Police " 29.Apr.2014 11:25


The guy who started FTP supported this event:


You have been warned.

don't get it 29.Apr.2014 18:13


what were the cops doing wrong? being "rude"? pointing flashlights?

or is this ftp guy trying to provoke something?