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Exorcism of City Hall, Portland
Exorcism of City Hall, Portland
Sunday, April 27, 2014
Looking at the weather for the following week, I see sun- shine for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; off into the streets with my positive signs for Nick Caleb and Sharon Maxwell. Monday I am going to Burnside and 39th Street on the east-side at high noon. Tuesday I am up for suggestions but Wednesday I will be back to city hall with my drama-street theater of driving out the demons from the Sulfur Chamber. Come join me, I have fun but let me tell ya, char-lie hales and nicky fish hate it that during their meeting we are outside trying to drive out the demons from city hall with my bullhorn, holy water and chants. "Want to take a ride?" The theory for this campaign is simple: If you steal blankets, sleeping bags, medications, clothes from the homeless/houseless you must be possessed by the ugliest of demons and need someone to call on the goodness of the universe to free your soul. We do that!

"Got Demons--who ya gonna call?" Demon Busters!!!!

homepage: homepage: http://IndividualsForJustice.com

Abbie 28.Apr.2014 10:31


Abbie Hoffman lives!