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Mind Wars and the Modern Activist = Death

Political Activist and Youtube Blogger becomes the next Victim of a runaway Government Program to Destroy Individuals perceived as Controversial or Influential in the Exposure of Societal Failures, False Flag Events, or Other Information seen as Damaging to Governmental, Political or Military Interests.
It is fully believed by me, Tracy Mapes, that through the abuse of both Government and Private Security Agencies, and the Media, more Specifically Broadcast Television, are involved in the Use of Errant Microwave Weapons Technology, the Use of CIA (SOG) Special Operations Group Tactics to Dis-Enfranchise Americans exercising formerly Protected Free Speech Activities, Political Grievances and or Concerns.

This first became an Interest of mine, in or about late October of 2008. When I was I encountered several instances of the Use of Microwave Weapons on my Person, once 3 times in a Single Day, which resulted in periods of Dyslexia Like Symptoms effecting Writing Capabilities, Speech Pattern, and accompanying Dizziness lasting from 15 minutes to a recovery time of up to 3 Weeks.

Further in 2011, I was Drugged at the current location I which I reside with what I suspect was LSD, with no Drug Use History to compare the experience, still remains a personal assumption. This resulted in 4 Days of rolling around on the Floor, while being subliminally interrogated, encourage to masturbate, and exposed to Subliminal Hypnosis. All Aircraft to Ground Based.

What made it possible, was during One of the Attacks of 2008. At my Sisters Home in Rancho Cordova, Ca.
My Sister had invited me for Dinner. She said, I have a Special Place for You and placed her hands on each side of My Shoulders as I was semi sat down on a Specific Place on her couch. She then moved her Hand to the top of my head with some kind of Device, and Instantaneously, the Entire Upper Quadrant of my Scalp felt as though Someone had thrown an Electrified Fence over my Brain. I immediately stood up, and said, "You Just Fucked! Up!" Though Dazed I moved to the Doorway afterward and Made my way to my Truck. Even though I had no Driver's License, I knew it was important that I get away from this location.

What was shot into my Head that Day was the same Device that caused the invention of the Word "Pinhead", and could only surmise that the activation and abuse did not begin until 2011 as Documented in Articles on Portland Indy Media, until They could separate me from associating the evening I just described from the Perpetrators. Perpetrators? ...Due to the Fact it involved both My Sister and Her Husband who Works for the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, in the Rio Consumes Correctional Facility in the South County Area of Sacramento, California. (RCCC).


I probably would never have known what had happened to me, were it not for seeing the Same Thing happen to my Other Sister in 2009, after she had stayed with my Sister and Brother-In-Law for a Period of 1 Year. Everything that happened to that Sister was so easily explained away as "Bi-Polar" or "Gone Crazy". Well? ...I know One Hell of a Lot Better Now! As I have explored this Phenomenon myself first Person, and concluded both back then, and in my case, that 3rd Party Involvement and Interrogation was the Purpose along with the intent to Destroy Our Ability to properly function in Society.

Cutting all of Our Social Family, Employment, and Safety Net Networking Capabilities, and trying to Disable Us from Caring or Giving a Damn about the Social Inequities that Got Us in Trouble in the First Place.


Though this introduction seems like it is all about me? It is not.

This is a Story to unravel the Mystery of MK-Ultra Style Mind War that is being waged against the People of America, Dissidents, and Military Personnel and Common Citizens alike.

This is the Story of a Man Forgotten. And Others Who have had their Lives Destroyed. It's about a Blogger Named Michael Cravey, 28, of Gainesville, Florida. And a Man Named Moses Trotter, accused in the Brutal Murder of a Sacramento Woman named Carol Sturgis. It's About Them, You, and the Death of My Family for lack of a Better Description for Society's Living Dead.

Here is part of the Story:  http://www.ocala.com/article/20140303/ARTICLES/140309940?p=1&tc=pg

Michael Cravey, Internet Blogger on the Mind Control and Manipulation of Political Hopeful Ron Paul and Challenger to the validity of the Aurora Colorado "False Flag" Staged Shooting Event.

I was not aware of Michael Cravey's Story before this Week. Just another Internet "Super Hero" looking to add Some Understanding to a World that can't be Understood. His pen Name as a Youtube Blogger was Thomas Brinkley on Facebook and YouTube.

Someone had posted a Youtube Video on Craigslist and begged the Question, "Is This Real?"

Video Referenced:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9JCeEXM0l4

I Checked out the Video, and upon examination noticed the tell tale signs of Mind Control features of behavior I had noticed in both My Sister and Myself in the past. It made me curious, and I felt the need to look further. I Checked his posting Recent Posting History on Youtube. The last entry was a Month Ago. I delved into the last video he had posted with his Standard Vocal version of a Blog which was about 3 months ago. Again I noticed the Mind Control in full Effect plus the beginning of Depression and Frustration with the Societal Ties that Life had began to present him with.

As I watched the Video, and near it's end, I wondered, "Was there More?" "Why hadn't he Posted More?"

And in the Sidebar was an Answer. Well wishes and a Link to a Story about his Death 1 Month Ago.

So, That is What this is About. Somebody Remembering Someone like Myself. The Conspiracy Theorist. The Nut. The Crazy.

The People Who Cared enough to Stand Up and Say Something when they Knew Something was Wrong With Our Community. Whether it's Your Portland, My Sacramento, or Michael Cravey's Gainsville, Florida. This is a Blog About Truth, Those Who Lost their Asses for It, and Those Too Stupid to Listen, or Didn't have enough Interest to Care.

This is a Blog About Him, Me ....and You.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

I'll Post more on this later. Rest in Peace Michael Cravey.

Referenced Mind Control Victim Moses Trotter.

Victim of Sacramento County Sheriff's Dept. Psychological Operations Dept of the Sacramento County Jail, 651 'I' Street, Sacramento, California, and Rio Consumnes Correctional Facilty in Elk Grove, Sacramento County, Ca.

I feel your pain. People say I'm a Jewish Conspiracy Theorist. A Nut. A Crazy. 24.Apr.2014 00:40

Jess E. Hadden

Tell me about it dude. I feel your pain. I attacked the Koch Brothers in my blog, and an angry mob came after me. They say I'm antiSemitic because the Koch brothers are Jewish. Now people say that I'm a Jewish Conspiracy Theorist. A Nut. A Crazy.

Wikileaks Document: Jess E. Hadden - Diagnosis and Treatment Plan 24.Apr.2014 09:50


For Koch MHS Clinic and Koch Foundation use only.

April 18, 2014

Jess E. Hadden - Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

by Doctor Moses Maimonides

It has come to the attention of certain members of the Koch Family and the Koch Foundation that Jess E. Hadden of the Portland Intelligencer has been writing and publishing blogs that contain severely paranoid ideation and AntiSemitic conspiracy theories - which may possibly lead to behavior that could constitute a threat to members of the Koch family. As a medical provider for Koch Mental Health Services, and as an employee of the Koch Foundation, I have been delegated to assess the level of threat from Jess E. Hadden, and to make recommendations based on my assessment.

Jess E. Hadden's AntiSemitic blogs display deep feelings of inadequacy about his own limited talents and a profound jealousy of naturally successful people such as the Koch brothers. Hampered by poor social skills and a lack of education, Jess E. Hadden is unable to build meaningful relationships or function as a team member in the modern workplace. Unfortunately, there are many people like Jess E. Hadden, and they find solace in each other's company by joining groups like the Bloods, the Crips, the National Guard, and Occupy.

Frustrated by his own failure to navigate the passages of life, Jess E. Hadden uses his meager writing skills to strike out at people who have loving families and successful careers. Jess E. Hadden blames the Jews for his own failures because 48% of the billionaires in the USA are Jewish, and Jess E. Hadden imagines that a few rich people are the cause of the misfortunes of a far greater number of poor people. That is why Jess E. Hadden joined Occupy.

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Jess E. Hadden is suffering from a mental condition known as Jealousy. Lacking insight into the real cause of his envious mental state, and intuitively seeking relief, Jess E. Hadden has pursued a long history of self-medicating himself with alcohol, a powerful central nervous system depressant that allows him to temporarily forget his underlying animus against healthy people with normal lives. However, the effect of the alcohol is only temporary, and Jess E. Hadden soon returns to his chronic condition of venomous envy and anger, often worse than before, in an inexhorable downward spiral. At any time he could act out in a violent and unpredictable way toward the people that he thinks are undeserving of happiness and prosperity.

There are pharmaceutical agents which might help to chemically restrain a psychological time-bomb like Jess E. Hadden, but we cannot be sure that he would submit to treatment, or stay on his medication, as is required for an effective and continuous control of his syndrome. That being the case, we would recommend an extended inpatient stay, preferably at one of our own private clinics or secure facilities, with serial applications of ECT - Electroconvulsive Therapy, and, if ECT does not provide results, a surgical frontal lobotomy.

Thereafter the patient could be returned to society and be given some form of employment to keep him occupied, such as can be provided by the Goodwill Industries or Starbucks.

- Doctor Moses Maimonides

Koch Mental Health Services
Plaza Time Building, Medical Suite 251
411 Nichols Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64112


Doctor Moses Maimonides is best known for his innovative self-help guide for the mentally ill, "A Guide for the Perplexed". Doctor Maimonides is also the author of the popular and educational book for professionals and practitioners, "Psychiatric Diagnosis for Dummies".

Dear Wikileaks (Imposter) Above 24.Apr.2014 13:10

Tracy Mapes

It's Truly Sad that You Couldn't utilize your writing Skills for Something Important, which proves that even the "Asshole" can understand the Importance of Addressing the Bullshit Consuming our Society at this Time.

And, while I do not aspire toward the Satirical Approach to Information Dissemination, as it serves to dilute the Conversation just as much as the Dis-Information Campaigns of a Failed Government.

But Your Writing Serves little more purpose than to serve the Same function in the Destruction of Truth. For the Truth is the Only Foundation upon which Man's Future will remain bright, despite your type of thinking and existence.

-Tracy Mapes

And, in hindsight, in my own experience, their is no People on this Earth that try to hold themselves above all others without regard to their own actions than the People you purport to defend here today. That the Term Gentile is just as Offensive and Demeaning to All of Mankind in it's Arrogance of Usage as Much, if Not More So than the Use of the Word Nigger to the Black Population, and those Whites who would pretend that They were Blind to the Plight of that People.

And You may share no liking or include any level of admiration or respect for what I say? I do have the Ears of that Nation and Your's.

Mind Control Examples ...What is Really Going On, and Has for Sometime. 24.Apr.2014 16:23

Tracy Mapes

First Example in My Life was my Sister. This gave me a Good Reference Point before it happened to me.

The Weapons they Use, and How it is Reported.

Aileen Wuornos - Example explained by Serial Murderer.

Explains Sound Pressure and Psychological Impact. This is a Real Phenomenon per my own Experience. In Real Life, I watched my Sister in 2009, move all of the Furniture Outside, now i know why. I live under, Literally 500 lbs. of Patio Bricks at Night when I try to Sleep. My Hair doesn't Fall Out anymore. I'm 52 Years Old. I Don't have time to make shit like this up.

Microwave/EMF Weapons Document Released under FOIA Specifications in the year 2006. Uploaded to Portland Indy Media Servers with Annotations by me in 2011.


Richard Ramerez - Serial Killer - On the Fact that the System Programs his Behavior.

Important Highlights may be found at 3:15 seconds, 5:00 seconds, 5:45 seconds. I encourage watching the entire piece, and realize that the Interviewer comes from the same Stock of Media Personnel I have described in the past and exhibits the Self-Aggrandizing Nature of the Beast that Hides its own past.


Accused Murderer, Moses Trotter. Self Interview composed and uploaded by Moses Trotter himself 1 Month before his Run in with the Law. This Video in its entirety is Available on Moses Trotters Youtube Channel which can be found Here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx-5jfQLPQC7g6PRcGZW9lQ/videos?view=0&flow=grid

Mind Control and Moses Trotter

Moses Trotter had previously been in the Custody and Care of the Sacramento County Jail System and received Care and Treatment from the Psychological Department while in Custody.


Moses Trotter will tentatively go on Trial for the Murder of Carol Sturgis in July of 2014, in the County of Sacramento, California.

Moses Trotter accused Murderer Additional Background

KOVR 13 News

KCRA 3 News

KXTV 10 News

Kony2012 Video Producer Jason Russell = Drugging and Masturbation Episode.

Targeted Individual Jason Russell engaged in 3rd Party Conversation with his Target "Handlers".

If You Don't Believe "They" can do this to You? ...You would be Wrong.

Jason Russell Background


My Report on the Incident Involving Myself as Reported on Portland Indy Media which predates the Kony2012 Jason Russell Incident by 3 and a Half Months and describes Similar Activity, including Masturbation.

Screenshot Trashed Report on Portland Indy Media, Article dated December 09, 2011.
Maintained on Upload to Portland Indy Media Servers.



Additional Mind Control Articles author by Tracy Mapes Prior to Jason Russell Incident, also dated December of 2011.






Navy Yard Shooting Suspect. Authorities Shooter Claimed Reports Electronic Harassment before Attack.

Examiner.com News

Police Report on Shooter Prior to Navy Yard Incident, as Reported by NYTimes.com
 link to www.nytimes.com


Blogger Michael Cravey - Demeanor 2 Month prior to Being Shot to Death by Police in Gainsville Florida.

Youtube Upload

Most Important Part may reside at the End of this Tape, when Cravey Describes what a Sane Person would do when Confronted with Such a Situation.


These Incidence are Like a Mini-History Book of the Abuse that is being Conducted Against the American Public at this time in History.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

interesting stuff 24.Apr.2014 17:00


I like your media subversion list. Can you tell us about the time you dated Sarah Palin? It says "dated once". I bet that is an interesting story.

Here You Go ... 24.Apr.2014 19:05

Tracy Mapes

Dear Person,

this was about 1994-95.

Picked her up Near Broadway and Stockton Blvd. She had me go to Folsom Blvd. East of 65 Expressway in Sacramento, CA. We Ventured behind an Industrial Area below and South of the Freeway near the Railroad Tracks. She seemed disheveled and like Life had not been treating her as well as it could. This is not un-common among Drug Users that end up on the Street. There was nothing unusual from a normal Truck Date. A Standard Half and Half, Oral Copulation to Erection, and Subsequent Finish with Intercourse.

She did mention Alaska I believe during idle chit chat. Love making was quiet. A train went by during the course of our date. Other interesting side notes, but do not know if there is extreme significance to the Story? I met Bill Clinton in 1989 at the Rolling Green Motel as he was in the Company of a Street Prostitute named Lavina Bastio, No.#13 on the List.

He was in Sacramento at this location for approximately 3 weeks, and participated with Subject #116 Danny Rose and made money to purchase Heroin by Collecting Old Tires at Service Stations and Tire Shops, plus also Stole Rose Buds, or what I describe as Roses Ready to Plant from a Local Lumber Store called Lumberjack. The Tires were then Sold to Speed Bird Tire Shop in South Sacramento, for the Amounts of $3,$4, and $5 Dollars respectively when compared to the Tires Sizes of 13 Inch Rim Tires, 14", and 15". Stolen New Tires went for $25 Dollars Cash, and this Report can be confirmed for more accurate dates by A Probation Interview of which I participated with the Sacramento County Probation Department near Watt Ave. in North Highlands.

The Rose Buds, which were Approximately 1 ft. in length were Sold to People around the Area of the Rolling Green Motel for the sum of $1 Dollar. In hindsight? ...It was like Bill was being Hazed for his Future Job. Sort of a Metaphoric threat to what his Life would be like if he ever deviated from the Path of His Future Destiny. The Roses were a Joke related to the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock Arkansas. I had no Idea who Bill was when I met him, as I had no knowledge of any Governor outside of my own State of California.

The proceeds from the Used Tire Sales, and the Rose Buds was combined with the Monies derived from the Prostitution Activities of Lavina Bastio in the Goal of Purchasing Black Tar Heroin. Her court records reflecting 647B PC activity can be corroborated by Court Records Available through the Sacramento County Superior Court System, with date and details that would more accurately support my claims.

Bill, himself, appeared to be just trying to weather his time there in Sacramento. After 3 Weeks, I never saw him again, until he became a Presidential Hopeful for the 1992 Election. I did not recoginize him at that time nor relate him to the time Spent at the Rolling Green Until about 2008.

In 1993, the Prostitute Lavina Bastio, Died in Reno, NV the cause being reported as a Drug Overdose at the Circus Circus Motel. At the time, I had been offered the opportunity to get a job in Vinyl Siding Construction in Susanville California approximately 1 Month before her passing. My job there lasted 2 Months. Upon my return to the Sacramento Area, I called her Mother's House on 1127 Athena Way in the South Natomas Area of Sacramento to check on her whereabouts and status, as I had pursued her off and on for 5 Years as a Romantic Interest, and tried to encourage her to give up the Street Life and Narcotics.

I was informed of her passing by her Sister Nadine Bastio. She said on the Phone, "Mom! It's Tracy! He Doesn't Know!" Devasted and Distraught, I commenced to discover more information on the Street in the Del Paso Area of Sacramento, Ca as I was familiar with the Area and Street life from my pursuits of Lavina and Small time Drug Sales to Prostitutes in the Area. I hadn't seen Lavina for 2 Months, but had seen her with Subject #117 Terry Gibson (Rose) near the Cozy Club on Del Paso Blvd. when she Yelled out my name as I drove by. I saw she had Terry Rose in tow, and declined to make contact with her. Then leaving for the Susanville Job the Next Day. A moment that haunted me until 2008 because I thought to myself, "What if I had stopped to talk to her that day?" "Would her Death been avoided if I had only tried harder?"

Anyway, I bet you're wondering? "Where the Hell is This Going?"

Well? My Life is turned fucking upside down now, and I'm still searching for the clue to what the hell happened to it myself.

This leads to 2008.

What happens in 2008?

Lavina Bastio shows up "Alive" at KTXL Fox 40 in Sacramento, Ca as an On-Air-Weather Personality. This begs to Question? How! Who had the Power to Give her a New Life and Identity which required me to go back in Memory and recount the events and People that were near her before her passing.

My exploits on Prostitution have been well documented on the Web. Portland Indy Media and Craigslist.
In the Years before 2008, I had already begun to put the Picture Together about the other Street Girls that had began showing up on Local and National Television News Programs. The Re-Appearance was not as disturbing as the shock of how deep the shit in my life was, when I thought I had left the Street Life all behind me in 1995.

What does this have to do with Sarah Palin? You might ask?

Well. It's a Lot of things.

1. One of the Drug Dealers supplying Heroin to Lavina Bastio and Bill Clinton/Danny Rose, became my employer in 1994. I did not recognize him as such at that time. Him and His Wife were the Suppliers also burned in the Probation Report given Sacramento County in an attempt to encourage Lavina Bastio to give up Drugs.

2. One of my other Employees from about 1991, was previously employed by the Same Company that would later become direct Business Partners with that same Drug Dealer.

3. That Drug Dealers Wife has a Brother that is Employed as an Alaskan Police Officer.

4.The Other Employee,Joe Feirl, Employed by Me in 1991-93, His Mother, Dorthy Feirl, was Employed in a Phone Bank at the same Address Location as the Previous Employer: Master Services, operated by Ken Green, and Joe Weber.

5. Dorthy Feirl's involvement with the Phone Bank included the Duties of Placing All Secret Service Personnel, and Advising them of their Assignments anytime a President or Dignitary was to Arrive in the Sacramento Region.

6. I was close Friends with both Joe and Dorthy Feirl during off hours of work and or employment.

7. Dorthy Feirl's work history included: Skunk Works at Lockheed Martin since 1939. Her Education as a Civilian Aircraft Engineer was funded by them. She later became the Project Manager for the F-111B Fighter Bomber at McClellan AFB in Sacramento, Ca, responsible for One of the Airforce's Largest Monetary Allocations in History for a Refrigeration System to Assemble the Swing Wings of the F-111B Bomber used in the Vietnam War. She carried a G-12 Security Classification during her Service.

8. Joe Feirl was also involved in the Military, Serving in Turkey, and Vietnam. In Both Instances, things seemed to go wrong where Joe was. In Vietnam, he was present when a Naval Ships Powder Magazine Exploded Killing 6 Sailors as recounted by himself. In Turkey he was stationed at the Embassy as a Guard when the Embassy fell into Turkish Hands. He also relayed to the Fact that he was a Navy Seal, but after gaining his confidence as a trusted person, admitted to washing out of the Seal Team Program. When I became suspicious of the Media and Relayed My Story and Suspicions, the Next Meeting we had, he handed me a Thomas Brothers Map Book. In what seemed like a Test, He said do you know that Area? I said, "No". I read the Map as a Group of Naval Submarine Pens on the Coast of California. Though the Map Book on the Outside appeared to be a Sacramento Thomas Brother's Guide.

I relayed further about the 80 Persons I had discovered in the Media, He said, "Well! ...We just both Told Eachother Something we could be Killed for."

I said, something to the effect of why?, He said, "They have me by the Balls!" Suspicious still, I decided to go out on a limb and do some fishing of my own. I said, "Does this have anything to do with Mai Lai?" He said, "They Told You About That!" I said, "no, I was just curious."

These conversations are made of about 3 different conversations I had with Joe Feirl. And as best as I can recollect as I have been a Targeted Individual in the worse sense barring Rendition since 2011.

9. The Person who arranged for My Employment, When Lavina Bastio Died, was confronted by me in 2008. I said, "Brian? (Brian Thorsteinson) "Do You remember when You got me that Job up in Reno, NV that led to the Project in Susanville?" "You are the One that got me out of Town when My Girlfriend Lavina Bastio died in Reno, Nv at the Circus Circus."

I said, "Did you know that Girl that Died in 1993 is on Television Now?"

"And that I have found over 80 Individuals that were Involved in Street Prostitution form the Late 1980's and Early 1990's?"

- I said, "Do You remember that Guy that used to work for You that got picked up for being involved in a Homicide?"

"He said, "the Mexican Guy?"

I said, "No!, the White Guy on the Bicycle."

He said, "the Mexican Guy is the One that got picked up for Murder".

I said, "OK, I don't care about him." "You know the White Guy on the Bicycle?"

He said, "Yeah!"

I said, "Well? ...That Man was the Street Boyfriend of One of the Other Hookers on TV Now!"

He said, "I can't Talk to You Anymore from this Point On!"

He then Stated, "Enjoy! Your Amerikkka!"


So, the Point of this whole conversation is to Warn the American Public that the Elected Officials that We think we Vote into Office, are in fact, chosen and Placed both there and in the Media years before they become those Candidates

So, What is my Purpose Here?

I knew this Story was bigger than Myself and I had No One to Turn too in its Telling except for the Public Themselves. I made a pledge when I was 6 years old to uphold the principles of our flag. I said, that pledge, and was offended that they wanted me to say it every day. When I made that pledge, I thought Once is good enough.

So, Now I'm Here.

And You are There.

What the Fuck Choice did I have?


Tracy Mapes

ok 25.Apr.2014 09:34


Have you ever considered writing this stuff down in a book? I would read that book. I'm not even kidding a little bit.

Well? ...the intent is for Our Nation's Security overlap to kick in. 25.Apr.2014 10:17

Tracy Mapes

I'm in an Information War with no resources.

I post html on Craigslist because Geocities went Pro,

I use PasteHtml.Com because it's Free,

I haven't had more than a Buck 1.52 for 3 years, except
for some photoshop drawings that People kindly paid to
paypal. That bought me $66 Dollars of Toothpaste, Razors,
Soap, and Mouthwash.

I use free or warez software to craft my images

and I steal wifi from the neighbor's house when they don't
forget to pay the bill.

So, I compile what info I can, and post my concerns

on Facebook and Portland Indy Media.

Take Care,

Tracy Mapes

Here is Some More Reading for You 25.Apr.2014 10:31

Tracy Mapes

Before the List became more solidified.

Telling the Tale from the Start on Portland Indy Media

Losing my Virginity to Street Prostitution before my 26th