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AntiSemitic Portland Blogger Accuses Jewish Koch Brothers of Political Conspiracy

Jess E. Hadden has accused the Jewish Koch brothers of being among the leaders of an insidious economic and political Conspiracy.
Jess E. Hadden of the Portland Intelligencer, which is pretentiously billed as "The Only Newspaper in Portland", recently wrote and published a series AntiSemitic comments about the Koch brothers, a pair of Jewish billionaires from Kansas who are well-known for their philanthropy and for their patriotism.

Forbes' Billionaires: The Richest Jews in the World
By Jspace Staff on 3/7/2013 at 11:49 AM
"The Koch brothers are Jewish"
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In one of his articles, Jess E. Hadden refers to another blogger as "a corporate shill, on the payroll of the Koch Brothers," to "the well-funded machinations of billionaire media moguls such as the Koch Brothers," and to "the racist right-wing Koch Brothers militia."

Jess E. Hadden has accused the Jewish Koch brothers of being among the leaders of an insidious economic and political Conspiracy. These AntiSemitic comments by Jess E. Hadden are causing a firestorm of indignation throughout the nation.

White Liberals Don Digital Red-Face to Make Point about the Racism of White Conservatives
By Jess E. Hadden - The Portland Intelligencer - Published: 04/16/2014
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"which is pretentiously billed as "The Only Newspaper in Portland"" 21.Apr.2014 09:05


Your inability to grasp satire is both sad and hilarious.

Wikileaks Document: Jess E. Hadden - Diagnosis and Treatment Plan 21.Apr.2014 09:48


For Koch MHS Clinic and Koch Foundation use only.

April 18, 2014

Jess E. Hadden - Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

by Doctor Moses Maimonides

It has come to the attention of certain members of the Koch Family and the Koch Foundation that Jess E. Hadden of the Portland Intelligencer has been writing and publishing blogs that contain severely paranoid ideation and AntiSemitic conspiracy theories - which may possibly lead to behavior that could constitute a threat to members of the Koch family. As a medical provider for Koch Mental Health Services, and as an employee of the Koch Foundation, I have been delegated to assess the level of threat from Jess E. Hadden, and to make recommendations based on my assessment.

Jess E. Hadden's AntiSemitic blogs display deep feelings of inadequacy about his own limited talents and a profound jealousy of naturally successful people such as the Koch brothers. Hampered by poor social skills and a lack of education, Jess E. Hadden is unable to build meaningful relationships or function as a team member in the modern workplace. Unfortunately, there are many people like Jess E. Hadden, and they find solace in each other's company by joining groups like the Bloods, the Crips, the National Guard, and Occupy.

Frustrated by his own failure to navigate the passages of life, Jess E. Hadden uses his meager writing skills to strike out at people who have loving families and successful careers. Jess E. Hadden blames the Jews for his own failures because 48% of the billionaires in the USA are Jewish, and Jess E. Hadden imagines that a few rich people are the cause of the misfortunes of a far greater number of poor people. That is why Jess E. Hadden joined Occupy.

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Jess E. Hadden is suffering from a mental condition known as Jealousy. Lacking insight into the real cause of his envious mental state, and intuitively seeking relief, Jess E. Hadden has pursued a long history of self-medicating himself with alcohol, a powerful central nervous system depressant that allows him to temporarily forget his underlying animus against healthy people with normal lives. However, the effect of the alcohol is only temporary, and Jess E. Hadden soon returns to his chronic condition of venomous envy and anger, often worse than before, in an inexhorable downward spiral. At any time he could act out in a violent and unpredictable way toward the people that he thinks are undeserving of happiness and prosperity.

There are pharmaceutical agents which might help to chemically restrain a psychological time-bomb like Jess E. Hadden, but we cannot be sure that he would submit to treatment, or stay on his medication, as is required for an effective and continuous control of his syndrome. That being the case, we would recommend an extended inpatient stay, preferably at one of our own private clinics or secure facilities, with serial applications of ECT - Electroconvulsive Therapy, and, if ECT does not provide results, a surgical frontal lobotomy.

Thereafter the patient could be returned to society and be given some form of employment to keep him occupied, such as can be provided by the Goodwill Industries or Starbucks.

- Doctor Moses Maimonides

Koch Mental Health Services
Plaza Time Building, Medical Suite 251
411 Nichols Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64112


Doctor Moses Maimonides is best known for his innovative self-help
guide for the mentally ill, "A Guide for the Perplexed". Doctor Maimonides is also the author of the popular and educational book for professionals and practitioners, "Psychiatric Diagnosis for Dummies".