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Calling on Anti-Racists to Protest AntiSemitic Blogger Jess E. Hadden in SE Portland

Flash Mob Needed to Protest Anti-Semitic Blogger Jess E. Hadden at Cadigan's Corner Bar, at S.E. 72nd and Harold, on Monday April 21 at 8 PM.
The notorious anti-Semitic blogger Jess E. Hadden of the Portland Intelligencer will be speaking at Cadigan's Corner Bar (formerly the Queen of Hearts) at the corner of 72nd and Harold in Southeast Portland on Monday evening, April 21st, 2014 starting at 7:00 pm. Jess E. Hadden will be at Cadigan's Corner Bar to host his weekly Fight Club Church Television show.

We'll show Jess E. Hadden and his racist friends that they're not welcome here in Portland. Everyone should arrive at Cadigan's Corner Bar at 8 pm, because we don't want to arrive too early and cause Hadden and his friends to stay away. Flash mob meets at 8 pm at S.E. 72nd and Harold. Wear masks, because Hadden and his friends will be taking pictures and video.

Alexander Baretich to be with Jess E. Hadden at Cadigan's on Monday 20.Apr.2014 08:10


We just got word that Alexander Baretich, the founder and leader of the sleazy Portland 911 Truth Alliance, will be with the AntiSemitic blogger Jess E. Hadden at Cadigan's Corner Bar at 8 PM on Monday April 21st, 2014.

not worthy 20.Apr.2014 08:49

baby diapers

pretty stupid call out ... diapers must be all bunched up.

Alexander Baretich and AntiSemite Jess E. Hadden are Facebook Friends 20.Apr.2014 10:22


Alexander Baretich, creator of the Cascadia Flag and also the founder and leader of the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance, spoke at AntiSemitic blogger Jess E. Hadden's Fight Club Church Television show on December 9, 2013.

Alexander Baretich Interview
Date / Time: Monday, December 9, 2013 - 8:00pm
Event Organizers: Fight Church TV
Description: Alexander Baretich, creator of the Cascadia Flag, will be on Fight Church TV Monday night at 8PM. Learn about bioregionalism and Cascadia, with comedy, activism, music and more. Fight Church is a variety talk show filmed in front of a live audience at Cadigan's Corner Bar in SE Portland. Broadcast begins at 7:30. Check it out on  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/fight-church-television

How Many Copies of This Posted 'Article' 20.Apr.2014 11:27

Are Needed On The PDX IMC Newswire

before we collectively puke our guts out


i love you guys 20.Apr.2014 12:20


I want to thank you all for resurrecting PDXIMC as our very own The Onion. I'd about given up even glancing through the article titles until they became so funny lately. The satire is brilliant. Intelligentsia, keep up the good work!

john foolery 20.Apr.2014 21:48

Impossible Usay

[authoritian] rex is portland indy medias self appointed spokesperson for antifa even though they don't claim to even know him.