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why is portland not angry!

i do not get it. why is a purportedly progressive city like portland tolerant of outrageous police behavior. as a teacher, this story deeply angers me.

Good question 17.Apr.2014 21:47


White privilege? Yuppification? Too much weed? Protest managers? Take your pick.

child handcuffed 19.Apr.2014 08:21

a PDX person

What makes you think we're not angry?
We ARE!!!!!!

Was this in the news? 20.Apr.2014 19:44


Was this in the news? Was this on yahoo? MSN? Google?
Perhaps the media matter?

Some DO Give a Damn! 23.Apr.2014 22:44

PDX Citizen

Many people DO care about this! You must understand though, this incident of police terrorism was not even widely known to the public until just last week. I myself had only heard about this while listening to a program on KBOO. Trust me - people CARE!