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Big Weirdness Now Here

Ruminations on spring, tax season, and the big weirdness.
Big Weirdness Now Here
By C.A.L.

"High on the mountain, tell me what you see
Bear tracks, bear tracks lookin' back at me
Better get your rifle boys, 'fore it's too late
'Cause a bear's got a little pig and headed thru the gate."

-Ole Slewfoot
by Jay Webb

I got a letter today from an old neighbor of mind saying that his taxes had been rejected. Just after having gotten through a non-legal proceeding regarding his innocence in the Great Bear Hunt.

April 16th, roughly the same day the intrepid Odysseus returned from his ten year long journey over the sea. Just like navigators of times long ago they can tell these things by the stars.

Tax season is an ominous time for everyone who has to deal with it. Personally I have a special understanding with the government that brings me other horrors but thankfully not that one. Many ancient tribes regard spring as a time when waring is forbidden to allow for the offering of tributes to the gods for fear they would not return from their journeys; and later co-opted by governments everywhere as they assumed the powers formerly invested in those gods. Spring is a time when the stars reverse their course or disappear altogether only to return a few months later marking the beginning of the New Year. Traditionally many groups would sacrifice, often times children to walk the inframundo and accompany their star gods on the trip to assure safe passage. It was or in some cultures still is believed their tears would appease the gods.

Of course some things are different. However people are still crazy and if the IRS doesn't get it's due it will gleefully make mince out of your life. Make no doubt about it bubba. This is where the mystery traditions come from and where we get what is known as civilization. The levying of taxes in lieu of animal sacrifice allowed for the stratification of class as well as the means to construct huge public works projects and boondoggles you can still see today in Egypt which have become tourist attractions.

Even the stars don't want to be seen out in public during tax season. Mars reverses its course and shines brightest this time of year and the Pliedes disappear from their morning rising only to return when this period is over.

Wise words and many clues indeed for the careful student of history, and yet somehow none of it seems to be more than wishful thinking when the reaper man comes to collect.

Allegedly Theseus used a clew to find his way out of the labyrinth and you'll need plenty of them to get through tax season alive. The most ancient of forces worshiped by primitive society was chaos. It brought new things like the spring rain. A time when sacrifices were made to Lono and the village chief would head off the island in a canoe to return to an onslaught of spears. If he survived he was allowed to rule another year.

I took an accounting class once and the code seems nothing more than a complicated excuse to dupe rubes. Anything is possible within it if you know the right words. Sort of like the Egyptian judgment in underworld. Only the elite or chronically unemployed would have time to understand something so complex even god would have a difficult time making sense of it. In other words the leisure class for good or ill. The 'good' children are too busy working for their masters to do anything but continue in that way.

In Peru they don't pay taxes. Or maybe they do. I don't know. I don't pay any here because I have no obligation, neither do I in the US and haven't for many years. I simply don't make enough to have any liability.

During tax season a simple error like Mr. Buttle faced in the Gilliam film Brazil can send a harmonious life into sheer chaos with an unwelcome end. A cliff sheer and steep.

But this isn't any normal time for the stars. It's called an acronychal rising. We will have four blood red moons in a row 6 months apart for the next two years. The first of these happened last night and was totally eclipsed. Coincidentally Mars will line up directly with the Sun and Earth tonight. This does not bode well for any of us and the only advice my mojo box would tell me was pray. That and words are useless when the universe wants action. Needs it. It demands blood and we shall give it, in one form or another, ours or someone else's. When I began this strange query into these rites I hoped it was an archaic, meaningless ritual but now I realize these things happen for a reason. They need to. Like the setting of the sun or the rising of the Pliedes these things can and will happen. As Hunter said, that is what is comforting about them. Known horrors. Which is why god made whiskey. The big darkness is finally here and I am following in the
footsteps of my hero's, as he did with his before him, and theirs before that. The wheel of time continues to turn and yet things have changed. With a simple twist. A new man writes yet the song remains the same. Selah.

It is times like these that a person needs confidence. What better when dealing with supernatural forces than a mojo hand. Caution, always stay aware and beware the bear. Ol' Slew foot is ever waiting for that misstep.