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Workers Rigts Struggle at Fubonns Market update

Fubonn Solidarity Protest - Is Over
The lawsuit was dropped [settled out of court] with a order to not discuss it
So just about the time I film this action and join in the solidarity protest of workers rights and the struggle at Fubonn's .... A month latter I get an email informing that the protest (and the management's lawsuit) is OVER and settled .

(I think this is good news)
!! Hip-Hip-Hooray !!

[Email quote]
After ten months of struggle, Portland Solidarity Network is announcing the end of its campaign against Fubonn. We know that many of you have been wondering about the campaign; thank you for your patience. Due to a negotiated settlement between Fubonn's management and Alex, Brandon, Marisol, and Norma, the lawsuit has been dropped. The individuals involved are not able to discuss anything about the settlement, including other provisions it may or may not contain, beyond a mutually agreed-upon statement.
However, we would like you to know that Portland Solidarity Network is happy! We're also very happy for Marisol, Norma, Alex, and Brandon.
[end quote]

My video is posted here from the "last" protest in March 2014.

A feature on pimc about this workers rights action is here:

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