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Ideas for the Struggle, 24pp

Marta Harneckeris originally from Chile, where she participated in therevolutionary process of 1970-1973. She has written extensively on theCuban Revolution and on the nature of socialist democracy. She nowlives in Caracas and is a participant in the Venezuelan revolution.

Socialist Interventions Pamphlet Series

This pamphlet series is meant to encourage principled debate amongst theleft and the working class to advance a viable socialist movement in Canada.Democratic debate is encouraged within and beyond the Socialist Project.
1. Sam Gindin (2004).The Auto Industry: Concretizing WorkingClass Solidarity: Internationalism Beyond Slogans.
2. Leo Panitch (2005).Whose Violence? Imperial StateSecurity and the Global Justice Movement.
3. Carlos Torres, et al. (2005).The Unexpected Revolution:The Venezuelan People Confront Neoliberalism.

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