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IMF Annual Meetings Focus On The Conversation On High Debt That... [Kill The Non-Wealthy]

"The IMF is right to focus the conversation on high debt burdens that promote inequality and limit recovery," Yeah they're right of course. How could it be else-wise? IMF = International Mafia Force.
American? Israeli? European? They will smash you all into the hard ground with army boots. Tjey do not love you. They want to seduce you into techno-feudalism. They really seriously do not give a shit. Yet they brazenly post on Portland Indymedia.

Make it so the PEOPLE care to vote. Get simple score voting!

Give one to ten votes for as many candidates as you choose (up to some sane number, maybe 20). Or no votes at all for those you reject. Demand to have access to strategic voting, not "sincere" artless voting, or be left powerless. NO MACHINES!

If you give ten votes to Nader and nine votes to Gore, and ignore G. W. Bush, you sacrifice only ten percent of your voting power if Nader does not win.

So simple!

You say you want a revolution? Make one and only one demand: DEMAND POWER!!!