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Stop Making It So That Ignorance Is Cheaper Than Situational Awareness

60% Of gas supplies to Europe will Be Cut Off. Including To Germany, The Workus Of Europe

Because you see, the Western Oligarchs who own the USSA "Democratic Depublic" (exemplified by John "Kerry" (found out he was kinda Jewish in his late age: not so swift)) insist on ruling the whole damn world. Stupid sociopaths have risen to the top like rancid foam.
They will kill us. All. Because we are not sociopathic like they are.

Get simple score voting. Stop making it so that ignorance is cheaper than situational awareness.

Stop falling for Rockefeller Brothers, Carnegie Mellon, Soros, etc. "IRV." The so-called "Green Party" a bought and paid for commodity. (Get used to that.)

Give one to ten votes for as many candidates as you choose (up to some sane number, maybe 20). Or no votes at all for those you reject. Demand to have access to strategic voting, not "sincere" artless voting, or be left powerless.

If you give ten votes to Nader and nine votes to Gore, and ignore G. W. Bush, you sacrifice only ten percent of your voting power if Nader does not win.

So simple!

The "political scientists" at the money-grubbing university care about you and your family? Um, NO!

Eliminate "voting machines" of all kinds. Unless you love the NSA. Yes, really. The people who buy the machines really care about you? Really?