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The Light On Mars- NASA's 'Curiosity' Team Not Very Curious-Martians Call Our Bluff

NASA exposed as charlatans as moment of truth strikes?
Roll out the Red Carpet?
Roll out the Red Carpet?
Sort of Biblical? A
Sort of Biblical? A "Column of Light"- Where's Moses?
notice flat bottom of light column- flush with Mars surface!
notice flat bottom of light column- flush with Mars surface!
The "Light on Mars" photograph just taken by the NASA Mars rover "Curiosity" has gone more than viral as the world wonders what's up on the Red Planet. Of course NASA has drummed up every stupid excuse they possibly could imagine. A light leak in the camera. (suuuure) A 'reflection of the sun'. A stray 'Cosmic ray'. It seems the crew at "Curiosity" has a lot in common with the idiots "looking" for Flight 370. Where's any real "curiosity" on the part of NASA? Their instant debunking machine automatically went into high gear before there was even any time to speculate, much less do an in depth study. No, NASA would rather crawl around looking for signs of life that may have possibly supported ancient civilations. Microbes. Bacteria. But when faced with a dazzling display of extraterrestial anomaly non-pareil, they pee in their spacesuits and blame it all on "swamp gas". As the world creeps faster and faster toward nuclear annihilation, is it so improbable that aliens might want to let us ALL know that we're not the only actors in this cosmic theatre, and that maybe we should all stop the war train for a minute and realize we may be on the brink of true contact with alien civilizations. The picture- notice how flat the bottom portion of the light is. You can tell it's either coming from the surface itself, or just below it. Sort of like a Hollywood Blvd. type searchlight. Grand Premiere! The Martians certainly have a sense of humor. And after all, we're up THERE looking for signs of THEM. How far-fetched is it really that they might actually call our bluff?

Thanks Tracy 10.Apr.2014 10:49


Truly a work of genius!