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"On National Democracy" Is Fascist

NDI is loosely associated with the Democratic Party of the United States. However, NDI's programs are nonpartisan, and it works with various democratic and non-violent political parties and civic groups. As stated on its website, "NDI does not presume to impose solutions nor does it believe that one democratic system can be replicated elsewhere. Rather, NDI shares experiences and offers a range of options so that leaders can adapt those practices and institutions that may work best in their own political environment". They are truly CIA NED!
Critics charge that the term "democracy assistance" and "democracy building" are rhetorically employed to overpower nationalist and socialist resistance to US economic and cultural domination, particularly in Russia.

Yeah you are CIA scum. "NED", the sweet daddy of NDI, is beneath the CIA scum. Democracy my sweet ass! You are simply agents of the Rockefeller Brothers sponsored "IRV" Pseudo-democracy anti-majoritarian scam.

The Majority can win. Because they are not beholden to the Golden "Republic of Jesus" who never appears! Who never protects real minorities for long, except for the ultra-wealthy!

Only the majority has the wisdom to protect the minorities. As always.

The "constitution" was a piece of paper after all.

You are all pieces of paper fools.

It never protected you! Love thy neighbor (as thyself) is what protected your natural rights. Scholarly judges have taken and taken.

How much will you let slip through your fingers? Benjamin Franklin was right.

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Stop 11.Apr.2014 16:31


"Yeah you are CIA scum."

Just stop. It's not the CIA. There are no "agents". You are lying, deluded or a con man pushing more "radical" conspiracy crap. The biggest tell on this website is 99% of claims of "agents", "COINTELPRO", "shills" etc, is a political operative trying to rally the naive radical base. Who will apparently believe in anything "anti establishment". You're a sick fuck, blues, and so are your buddies. ONe day you'll be exposed and shut down.

jesus 21.Apr.2014 13:09


You are not going to stop blues from claiming everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is from the CIA.

So far, according the blues, the following are run by the CIA

Al Queda
the revolutions in Syria, Egypt, and Libya (blues loves dictators)
The current tensions in Ukraine
Antifa operations (hahaaha)

various people who disagree with him online are also clearly CIA operatives. He is really that important.

@Clyde 21.Apr.2014 19:09

Sorry, missing point

Blues doesn't believe this. None of these clowns believe this. It's a lie to convince people their conspiracy is real.
This is the same "blues" who recently bragged about owning an indymedia domain. GMAFB. Another foundation funded attention whore using indy as a meggaphone.