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USA's High Tech Assaults If Reported Are Labeled As Paranoid delusional

See my recent summary of facts that reveal a terrible tragedy presently engulfing our civilization.
geral sosbee illuminates fbi corruption
geral sosbee illuminates fbi corruption
All persons, except those asleep or mesmerized by popular media (such as we see for example in the main street quasi-news and entertainment shows, morning and evening), cannot escape the realization that something is rotten in Washington D.C. and beyond.

The USA is a kind of war zone for many of our people as a result of twisted ideological goals enforced by corrupt police policies and practices. Wars around the globe, mass murders globally, and the occasional multiple killings (and suicides) right here in USA by men and women who are under attack by the USA intelligence community which operates in concert with other departments of government (including local police), all are evidence of a terrible and macabre force gripping the world (see world in a box).

For example in the Aaron Alexis case, the media label him as delusional for reporting that he was under attack by **ELF (extremely low frequency sound waves, a form of directed energy weaponry-DEW- which the media pretends does not exist or is not used.)

 link to www.washingtonpost.com

The truth is that the USA uses the ELF and other forms of DEW against selected human Targets to force the Target into suicide or into neurotic behavior that might justify incarceration of the Target in prison or in a hospital.
Similar ELF or DEW are used to silence me from reporting fbi/cia crimes against humanity, and the medical community and the media are generally helpful to the assassins who seek to kill the Target:
fbi operative to me:

 link to sosbeevfbi.ning.com


medical doctor:

Meanwhile the media ignore the facts and allow the general population to be misled by denials from the government.


The fbi operatives who deliver the torture to the victim actually anticipate a neurotic response and state online, publicly, that the Target in the following instance is a possible mass murderer, and that any combat service of the Target in the US Army makes the Target a murderer.

 link to sosbeevfbi.ning.com

Meanwhile, all efforts by the fbi fail to silence this Target; all provocations by street thugs, by armed and uniformed police officials, by crack investigators (federal and state), and by the fbi's own operatives similarly fail in the objective.


Note that the fbi has me under a blanket surveillance 24/7 and the fbi operative watched as the two screwballs investigators mentioned above came to my home on the curved and fictitious investigation (see nonconsensual cover research).

In a moment of desperation, the fbi sends an operative to commit a crime and to plant my name at the scene of the crime in order to cause an extensive investigation of me by the federal and state officials.


Any objective study of my reports must reasonably lead to the conclusion that the United States of America Is ruled by psychopaths and *homicidal torturers who are supported by the general population who in fear and apathy ignore the atrocities committed on their behalf and in their name.

Furthermore, anyone who is being attacked by the fbi/cia/police/gang operative/ assassins (and their high tech weaponry)may feel that such government officials are subhuman and in most respects monstrous. Thus, our society is under the profound influence of evil people and is irreparably corrupted, unworthy to invoke God's name because they stand by and permit the torture, imprisonment, forced suicide and murder of our fellow human beings. Meanwhile modern civilization sours because these same tactics are used by fbi/cia/mi6/mossad, etc. against people all over the world.

Alas, I wrote this report for all the world to see:


And I suggest that anyone under this kind of assault will have difficulties in maintaining a normal life:



 link to www.governmentattic.org

 http://www.newciv.org/nl/newslog.php/_v194/__show_article/_a000194-000198.htmSee More


In conclusion the fbi/cia and those who support or fear them invite attacks on our people and in most instances cause and benefit therefrom ( see 'dilemma' above link).

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