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Chickens for Food


Go Vegan.

Food is a circle. 08.Apr.2014 09:29


Food is a circle, not a pyramid. Like a dance.

"Birdies Eat Bugs"
for nephew Alex who, at age 3, said it first

My chicken ate a bug today
In just the usual birdie-like way
She clucked and
Plucked that bug
Right out of the ground
With her pointy beak
And a feathery tweak

The bug went down
And round and round
Until the bug
Became part chicken
And part egg

So, thanks to the bugs
All around
And the chickens who eat them
First before us.

as heard on KBCS-fm February 16, 2009
Copyright c by Candace Bullard, 2009.


Live better 08.Apr.2014 10:18


We don't need to take animal lives. We have all we need without causing this suffering. Animals have no choice, but we do. Live better--cause as little suffering as possible.