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Why Bother With Flight Schools In The USA?

Why would terrorists need to come here to the US in order to attend flight schools and get their pilot license in order to hijack airliners and crash them into buildings?
This single facet of the story is in my opinion the most ridiculous angle of all. Why would terrorists send their soldiers half way around the world, into the land of their enemy, the USA, to attend private flight schools to get their pilot license on single engine prop planes, in order to hijack multiple engine jet airliners and crash them into buildings?

Why not just fully train them to fly jets at flight schools in their own countries before sending them off to hijack multiple engine jet airliners here?

Answer: They wouldn't.

What? Yer tellin me them ay-rabs have them new fangled flight lernin places too??! 'uzgood as are uns??! I done believe it. Not fer a minute. No sir!

See how the USA uses propaganda to enslave the minds of people:



propaganda doc 05.Apr.2014 21:56


interesting videos - worth watching

Never Mind Flight Schools: Skyscraper Fire Safety 06.Apr.2014 12:39


Based on the 3 steel-frame NYC skyscrapers which collapsed down into their own footprints on 11 September 2001 due to

"office fires" ,

no changes whatsoever have been made to USA or international design/safety standards or enforcement concerning 1) types of materials used in office buildings or 2) fire retardant/extinguishing systems in steel-frame high rise buildings.

i.e. the structural engineering, architectural, and fire safety professions have learned/implemented nothing whatsoever as a result of 9/11.