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It is time to let it go.
When watching something die, there is a point where you have to decide: should we struggle to save it or let it died with dignity.

It is a hard choice. I have seen the struggle for life lead to a horrible death. The unwillingness to admit the inevitable leading to a messy lingering hell, where death becomes the best of the possible options.

It is time. Portland Indy Media struggled to stay alive. It started so good, we all loved it, that's why we couldn't let it go, but now it is in that lingering hell of chemtrails, FBI persecution and government sponsored disruption.

It needs to die. It is begging for it, "please, let me go. I wasn't meant for articles promoting hand guns and the tracking of imaginary chemtrails."

The rot has spread outward from the center. It probably started inoccently, one person seemed ok to put as an admin, how were we to know they worked for the government or we a conservative plant. That other person seemed normal and stable, how were we to know that their hidden insecurity would stifle open discussion. And it was a slippery slope from there, "we won't remove one crazy post", "well, they didn't remove it before, so why should we now."

Until it came to this, people still look here for news, but it gets harder and harder. The disappointment gets to be too much. Almost all of the articles are reposts. Nobody comes here to do original reporting. It is a wasteland of second hand information that is posted here because of the remembered glory. I remember reporting on Chase, the homeless guy murdered by the police, that was Portland Indy Media at its best. How does that compare to what you see now?

We should let it die and then built something new out the the remains. Learn from the problems, fix the structural errors.

I Say! ..."You're Wrong!" 31.Mar.2014 10:18

Tracy Mapes

I Say, You Do Not, know what you are talking about.

This Country is in Some Real Serious Trouble, and Indy Media while on it's Face Seems in-effective, I have Seen it Draw People to the Table Who Also Recognize that Our Country is in Trouble and that they reached a Point of Desperation to even reach out to the People Here.

That happens to be People like Gun Advocates, People against Public Corruption in all of its Forms, and the Tools that that Corrupt Enterprise is Willing to Employ against Our Own Citizens of the United States.

It has even Included the Likes of McMillian Rifles, Manufactures of the Finest Sniper Rifles Deployed in the U.S. Military. I'll Tell You This. I know a Lot of the Information I Disseminated on this Board is What Brought them Here. My Voice is Powerful and Strong in ways that you will never know, and these People, including those involved in Military Life, Law Enforcement, and those Believed to Make up the Ideal Personas of the Military Industrial Complex such as Boeing and General Electric have Listened to the Crap I Say on this Board.

They Are both The Concerned and the Enemy. Those that Want Their Lives Back, and Those that would Profit from things Devolving into the Wasteland in which We try to exist.

I Welcome their Participation if Only to let them Read that I Have Hope for Change and a Bright Future. We are of One People, Willing to put Humanity, and the Rights We have Achieved Over Hundreds of Years not slip through Our Fingers.

That is Why I Still Come to This Place. Fore the One Thing that Will Sway Your Enemies is to Present the Wrongs of their Doing and How it Thwarts the Success of Us All.

The Truth is the Path to that Future. I don't Care if You're Gay, Hate Forced feeding of Ducks, or Just Want America to Stand Up and Not Lose What it was Meant to Be. Free.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

nobody is forcing you 31.Mar.2014 20:04


Besides complaining, how about instead you do some reporting on news from your community, and make this the news website you want it to be.

This is a place for people to "report what they are doing and seeing" but if nobody reports anything (but reposts etc) then that is what you will see when you do come here.

Start your new indymedia style anytime you want, nobody is stopping you.

When you have it online post a link here so folks can get the information.

In Fact I Do Own An Indymedia Domain 31.Mar.2014 21:26


A pretty nice one at that.

But I come to this watering hole often.

The West is the best.

Not really, but this is working for us. Superbly!

it is truly non-nazi.

Firefox demands that "nazi" be spelled capitalized. WTF?

writers 02.Apr.2014 08:01


I agree that the distribution of article topics makes me imagine that the local progressives and radicals are focusing on the wrong things. Really, people have to actually take the time to write articles on local events and opinion. I used to take more time to do this when I saw something that was newsworthy. Maybe people should cross-post pieces that they are writing for their blogs or other websites.

Indymedia used to that 03.Apr.2014 05:34

oh, well...

cp, points well taken. Indymedia was a breath of fresh air, especially for those who came here unfamiliar with Portland, a calendar, local creative and neighborhood pieces. And while I do like the idea, 'blogs' can be exactly what they sound like, a bog in which one can become mired. Google shouldn't be one of the central points for Portland events and actions, but somewhere such as here.

I might have a suggestion, though it would take patience and reaching out for renewal of trust that may have been here in the past. Indymedia should suspend comments for a while or have a separate section for comments. Quit wasting time with the moderation of comments, return to some civility, and clear the air. The reputation, at this point, stinks.

What Is Your Problem? 03.Apr.2014 23:02


Portland Indymedia Does indeed get the job done.

You want us to cause Jesus to come back tomorrow?

It is not a part of our job description.

Start your own website to make that happen.

Just another snide comment 04.Apr.2014 08:59

oh, well...

Can you seriously jusify what you say, blues, or is it just in the spirit of the general nature of comments for quite a while? Isn't it obvious to you that where one used to see comments of more than a sentence or two in which some actual thought and effort were given aren't here anymore? Don't you get tired of the personal attacks rather than reasoned or even unreasoned effort at discourse? Look at the calendar. 9 postings this month, 8 last, much of them recurring. Is that all that happens of activist interest in Portland in a month? I know dedicated activist who have shared their opinion that Indymedia is not hospitable, has sunk to general irrelevance, and not worth the bother to visit. You know, I've had old pieces of junk cars that ambled along, but they weren't pleasant to look at, not pleasant (and damned scary) to drive. One can say those cars got the job done, but no one would ride with me except when unavoidably necessary. I read the 'about' page, and the word 'unity' is used over and over. I find it hard to believe that your discernment is that poor regarding Indymedia and its reach into the community. You've been here quite a while and you haven't noticed?

I realize it's a difficult job in some respects. Mine was constructive criticism that suggested making things easier. Another might be having the current week's calendar visible on the homepage with some prominence, not tuck it away somewhere. What was your 'contribution' but an invitation to leave? Is that your idea of part of the job description?

Dear Responder to Blues ^^^ 04.Apr.2014 12:45

Tracy Mapes

I can't prove it from my position, but I feel an overall suppression of activity on the Internet. Over the years I have become rather adept to pattern Recognition. And the trend I'm seeing is a downturn in Activism either through the Organized Efforts of Special Interests to destroy meaningful discourse on Internet Chat Boards to the Point of nullifying the Conversation.

Creating an overall depressive mood in those who seek to Improve the World or their Individual Life Condition. Quite literally suppressing decent by disillusionment with the prospects of any meaningful impact or outcome.

Another trend I've noticed is to things. The Dramatic increase in ailments advertised on Television. Syndromes from male breast enlargement in adolescent boys, osteoporosis, autism incidence, irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux disease, Hair breakage and strengthening for hair care products, prilosec, zanax, lithium, zoloft.

Trend 2. Dramatic reduction in Motor Car Traffic. Both in my area of Citrus Heights, Ca, and when the Bay Area Rapid Transit Negotiations were in Progress and after their Resolution. The Traffic on the Bay Bridge Corridor near Emeryville, Ca was about 1 Quarter the Volume I would expect for the given time period I saw it on the News.

Also, the Phonebook in my area from 2012 to 2013 had a Size Reduction of 2/5ths of Overall Size and Content. This means one of 2 things. A mass migration of People from my area? ...Or an Increased Death Rate. What is it? Environmental Conditions? Economic Conditions?

Which leads back to my own situation, which while described sound crazy as fuck, but is true none the less.

I in fact believe that the U.S. Government has began a Program of "Culling" the Population. Not by Necessity, but because of Greed and the Furtherance of a Criminal Enterprise that refuses to die.

There is 'No Death Panel', as described in recent politics of 2009. The Decision has already been implemented and has a Goal of a 30% Reduction in Population though Irradiation of the Population, Forced Sterilization, and the Disruption of Sleep to Destroy American Productivity, and Eventually Capitulate the Government so that the implementation of a 1 World Government can actually proceed.

They seem to have a One Way Train and a One Way Schedule that has nothing to do with American Ideals, Freedom or Democracy.

Further reason along this line of thought is the intense demand of Stock Return Performance, the Debt held by China, the end of the Baby Boomer Era, as it has created an upside down effect in which All of the Retirement Funds for Social Security have been squandered and the only Solution they can envision is that it is Necessary to devalue the lives of Every American over the Age of 45, so they are dead or incapable of receives Social Security Benefits.

Basically Murdering the Problem, and eliminating the Outcry from the Public for the Benefits they earned over a Lifetime of Labor. The Young will not complain because of increased Job Opportunity due to vacated positions. People who are doing well rarely Complain about their own Condition unless it is to Blame the Suffering of the Dis-enfranchised on their own failures to recognize How Well they have done themselves.

Instead of taking this time to create the Most Prosperous time in Man's History, Those that have, control, or benefit from the Criminal Enterprise mankind has generated, they have decided the enjoy the World and shall deny the Filth of their Deed, and Steal the Lives, Property, Estates, Holdings, Savings, and Futures of All Men and Women who have spent a Lifetime to achieve those Goals.


Right now, I sleep under 2" Inches and 500 Lbs. of Fucking Patio Bricks at Night, just to escape a portion of the irradiation. My hair no longer falls out in the shower. But I still have to Listen to these "Assholes" 24/7.

So? ...What's the Purpose?

I've lost my Life already. I'm safer indoors than on the Street. And Every chance I get to get on the Computer to Tell the World about it, So you fucking know what's going on I will. As far as the Dream Police Go? They have a few methods about themselves.

1. Interrogation.

Who what where when and about every contact you've ever had. They will use this information against you to destroy personal relationships, family, economic opportunity at every turn.

2. 30% Population Reduction by 30% by any means necessary has been included along with the threats of prosecution for Any Crime they can try to tie you to. (I was a Newsman, Freelance Video) So I've got one hell of a Lot of Time Code and Date Stamps as an Alibi that they have to Work Around.

3. They like to Present Ideas of Promised Prosperity, and then the Destruction of those same Dreams over and over again. It's a Psychological Warfare Tactic to break You of any sense of Hope, Person or Life. Dreams of Incarceration, Loss of Life or Property.

4. They want to know every Support System Option you have, Family, Friends Etc. so those opportunities can be Destroyed before You take Advantage of them. And they want to know what Direction You might Run so they can continue the Process until your end.


Here is more Current Information I have written in case you have Encountered Gang Stalking.

Bonnie Pannell is Quitting Her Job after encountering "Mysterious" Condition of Speech Impediment that I recognized in my own Speech Pattern and Writing Ability since encountering Gang Stalking.
Also See: Moses Trotter. Supporting or Liking Black People in Sacramento Country seems to be Trigger Mechanism.


You Are Not Crazy.

Gang Stalking - Traits

If You are Hearing Voices? ... < lover_boy > 04/03 23:39:24

...This is most likely not delusion, PTSD, or Bi-Polar.

The U.S. Government in Conjunction with Private Security Contractor are engaged in Psychological Warfare against the Citizens of the United States.

If you would like to self Test?

Consider the Following:

1.Is the Information you keep hearing inside of your standard daily use of Knowledge? Or? ...Is it Current and New Information?

2. Are you constant reminded or subliminally coached to Always Second Guess your Routine or Decisions.

3. Are there constant references to Information or Personal matters presented in a way you would never Think about them?

4. Do You have disrupted Sleep? Irritable Bowel Syndrome and or Acid Reflux?

5. Do You have extremely Vivid Dream that look like High Dollar Motion Pictures, but the Content, while containing many items of a Personal Nature seem Out of Order, Disjointed, or Include People you haven't seen for years or decades?

6. Do you get Masturbated by a force seemingly out of your own Control? Don't worry, this is due to Subliminal Microwave Radiation Stimulation and Subliminal Suggestion. You will be susceptible to this.

7. Do You Hear a High Pitched Ringing in Your Ears at various times of the Day? Do You find yourself Humming Tunes that you wouldn't normally associate with your Personal Song List?

8. Do You find Yourself or Others Around You making, using, Hand Gestures? Nose Rubbing, Grabbing at your own Shirt Collar? Involuntary Muscle Movement, Gestures, Etc?

9. Have You ever had an Involuntary Word Forced out of Your Mouth? Do Not Fear. They have a way of over driving the Signals in the Brain, and have decoded the Operating System Language of the Brain or in other Words, have though Subliminal Suggestion, or Means of Frequency Introduction found a way to overdrive Your Nervous Systems Electrical Impulses, which allow for a Range of Predetermined Gestures, which may also be aided by Subliminal Suggestion.

10. Do You Hear Answers to Questions before You think about Something? They use this Technique to try and Fool You into Believing that they have the Ability to read your Mind.

Just for Info. They Can't.

But for arguments sake they like to use this Method to make You Feel Sub-Standard as a Human, and Try to Begin to Manipulate Your Thought Patterns so they can Control you with the Belief that they are Smarter than You.

In my General Experience, they are not hiring the Most Intelligent People to carry-on this Type of Operation. The Generally have the Demeanor of a Common Internet Troll, and maybe very derogatory or divisive in the way they speak to You.

They may give you bad dreams that Suggest You will be Harmed by Law Enforcement, Or that You Will Be Charged for a Crime Falsely, or for some Perceived Past Offense.

They love to deprive you of Sleep to disrupt both your Credibility and or Productivity until your ability to Sustain a Job or Household becomes impossible.

If You've gotten this much Attention? You have probably Committed Some Horrible Offense against the Community or Society such as, Writing Scathing Letters to the Editor of the Local Newspaper? Offended Law-Enforcement? Cost them Lots of Money? Made them Attend Racial Sensitivity Training that Cost the Local or State Government a Quarter of a Million Dollars? Or Taken Pictures of the County Sheriff getting Arrested for Drunk Driving? Or Other Sheriff's Officers letting a Suspect Go after a 100mph Car Chase and found out He was a Fellow Law Enforcement Person from Fairfield or Vallejo?

You Might be Politically Active? Care about Your Community? Or just be the Kind of Asshole they just can't stand?

You might know a lot about their Dirty Little Secrets, and they would rather have You Dead than for the Whole Community to know that they are involved Heavily in Prostitution and Narcotics Use and Distribution or Protection?

IT - Could be a Lot of these Things. But Don't Worry. You were Probably a Pretty God Damned Good Person Before IT Started, and You'll Probably still be a Good Person even if it kills You.

Just Remember. This is Gang-Stalking. Illegal. And They are the Assholes.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

Portland Indymedia IS Dead 07.Apr.2014 08:28

the truth hurts

A handful of foil hat articles pushing fringe bs "radicals" aren't smart enough to recognize as right propaganda isn't going to change that.

Rose City Antifa appears to have abandoned the site... There's nothing about the White Man March of Mar 15th. And this ARA post is in the compost for some reason, even though the facts check out:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2014/03/426709.shtml

 link to anarchistnews.org

Not surprising Mikey is involved in racist bull--he's a Paultard and teabagger

 link to www.portlandmercury.com

"Wiley Wiggins is Michael Strickland (MichaelStrick9) He's a Ron Paul supporter and in a metal band Midnight Winter currently riding high at 185th on the Portland Metal Charts."

But this place is teabag friendly now, so deleted without comment.

The fact is the real informed vibrant alternative community has abandoned Indy to the loonies.

you can lead a horse to water, but 08.Apr.2014 15:01

truth be told

if folks don't want to report, what can (we) I or anybody do about it?

if you say people are abandoning the place, what is it we are suppose to do to make them use the site?

"we" are still here, and you are still posting, (I) we / us can not force people to report on indymedia anymore than your complaining will help any.

the "foil hat name calling" (style) is part of the reason many have probably (?) moved on, who wants to report here when you then "get racked over the coals and called ad-hominin names?

and really, if indymedia "was dead" why would you even "waste your time" commenting to these posts?

the truth is. "indymedia is not dead" and is still very viable and useful to many.

the platform is still up and running, and (but) the fact that nobody can force others to start reporting or using it is a reality.

if anybody does want to report the news, the page is alive and well and still accessible and still has people reading and commenting.

@truth be told 08.Apr.2014 18:52


That clear enough?

Indymedia either is a platform for left radicals/progressive trying to improve the world


shut the shit down.

What you do NOT do is continue funding and maintaining a platform for loonies, fringe teabaggers and conspiracy crap and STILL CLAIM TO BE SERVING THE LEFTY COMMUNITY.

Since that's what Indy has become, the only ethical choice is to SHUT IT DOWN. Other INdy collectives have done exactly that for these reasons--they had enough integrity to NOT give right loonies a FREE VOICE. Duh.

But it's all good. Anyone who wasn't born yesterday avoids indy for real leftwing activism.

then leave 09.Apr.2014 11:31

u r looney

quit crying and get going
talk about wasting time
so be done with it (duhh)
oh wait tro-lling is why your here huh?

OP IS RIGHT 09.Apr.2014 14:40


>>>Since that's what Indy has become, the only ethical choice is to SHUT IT DOWN. Other INdy collectives have done exactly that for these reasons--they had enough integrity to NOT give right loonies a FREE VOICE.


Other collectives who have bowed out gracefully:


Others are just dead, which is better than the embarrassing pdx indy situation:


Not counting the orgs hijacked by private interests(how the fuck does that happen?)


And these are just the USA connected IMCS

Portland is not special. If the network in the US was so spam ridden and underfunded it drove most of the US imcs offline, then some interest is keeping Portland indy on life support. That interest seems to be invested in keeping right wing conspiracy spam alive on the newswire.

Right now PDXIMC exists as a litmus of who has the endorsement of the fringe political scene. Basically, if it's promoted on Indy it's trash. Because OP is right, indy is DEAD.

The problem remains of giving the rightwing spinners a voice. But that will probably solve itself....a dwindling base means alliances become more obvious and the money will dry up. Just a matter of time.

>>>>quit crying and get going
talk about wasting time
so be done with it (duhh)
oh wait tro-lling is why your here huh?

Ah, the not so rare free speech troll whose support of free speech stops when he hears something he doesn't like.

Y u mad bro?

Pay attention 09.Apr.2014 16:37


"if folks don't want to report, what can (we) I or anybody do about it? "

You can stop composting real leftist reporting for a start...like the teafag/Nazis recording activists article.

I remember the anti racist Anonymous OP Blitzkrieg announcement was also composted a couple years ago... that was when I knew Indymedia was all over except for the crying. Either the "collective" has done a "City Bikes" or some Nazi freak has gotten administrative control of the news wire. Either way, the effect is the same.

This is just cheap entertainment now. If there are any real indybees left, save yourself.

How Many were Shutdown because of FBI Server Seizure & Infiltration? 11.Apr.2014 20:52

Tracy Mapes

...and Dis-Information Campaigns?

You Go! Fuck! Yourself! for the Encouragement of Any Loss of Any Venue for Free Speech Asshole!


"How Many were Shutdown because of FBI Server Seizure & Infiltration?" 12.Apr.2014 21:58


Should be easy for the local crack "indybees" to find out. That would be a story they would run with. So, "infiltration" is probably not the answer. Unless by "infiltration" Mapes means the teabaggers posing as fake radicals pimping Ron Paul/conspiracy spam. Then you have a "maybe".

BTW all FBI related indy stuff is here:  https://www.indymedia.org/fbi/

Unsurprisingly it shows Mapes is full of shit.

BURN IT WITH FIRE 20.May.2014 20:18

flame on

and nothing of value will by lost

blues owns an indy website? this explains everything! including his delusion no nazi are here lol!

In Fact I Do Own An Indymedia Domain 31.Mar.2014 21:26
blues link

A pretty nice one at that.

But I come to this watering hole often.

The West is the best.

Not really, but this is working for us. Superbly!

it is truly non-nazi.

Firefox demands that "nazi" be spelled capitalized. WTF?

for the Original Poster of this thread, 'gos' 10.Jun.2014 21:21



Hired Mouthpeice 29.Dec.2014 08:45

Loci puckster03@lycos.com

Just another hired mouthpiece selling his/her soul for a mess of potage.