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VIDEO: Public Schools for Sale?

Preeminent education historian and public school advocate Diane Ravitch talks to Bill this week about the private sellout of public schools. The attack on public schools is an attack on democracy. Entrepreneurs see education as an industry, $500 billion yearly of taxpayer money.
Charter schools are private corporations under contract with the state. Their accountability is off limits and in many states do not have to hire certified teachers. The problem with entrepreneurs is they know nothing about education. I think what Reed Hastings doesn't understand is that the highest-performing nations in the world don't have charter schools and do not have voucher schools. The highest-performing nations in the world have a very fine, very equitable public school system.I was in Finland not long ago. They aim to have an equitable school system. And it doesn't matter where you go to school in that country, you will find a good school...

ALEC wants to eliminate public schools and promote online charter schools. ALEC wants money to flow freely throughout the economy. They do not want any restraints on how they spend and where they spend. They don't even want to be audited if they could avoid that. That's why the charter schools, for example, have fought in court to prevent public audits, because they share this philosophy that what they do is their business.

I see parents of Florida and all over this country saying, we don't want the corporations taking over our schools. So it's the grassroots that I'm counting on. It's democracy that I'm counting on. How can democracy beat big money? We have students in college organizing against this corporate takeover. So I see all these things happening. Whether it's Tennessee or Louisiana, state of Washington, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, and I feel very hopeful that democracy will win out over big money.

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Not So Fast 31.Mar.2014 11:26

Andrea Mcgovern

The comments that I see most advise getting the government out of schools. When public unions took over education, Public Education in America died and became a sewer of the incompetent led by the greedy to milk the most money out of the taxpayer, all the while dumbing the kids down to the point that College entrance tests have to be made worthlessly easy so that the union educated dumbasses can pass them. All public schools should be for sale if they are union infested.

andrea 02.Apr.2014 08:33


andrea should stand in the corner, for ranting much & saying nothing. what do we know: that andrea hates unions, for no particular reason.