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Happy Chemtrails

ahhhh Spring!
Blue skies turn to Grey
Blue skies turn to Grey
No markings at  ALL    Sort of a
No markings at ALL Sort of a "Morphing" effect Jet has a fat nose too
low flying!! That's a backyard power pole line
low flying!! That's a backyard power pole line
Opening the front door on the first day of Spring..Camera is ready.. Ahhh- birdies sing, a soft warm breeze, a BLUE??? sky above? Oooops- wrong planet!

Take (another) close look at all of those pictures 30.Mar.2014 14:48

Mik Novack

Do you not observe a fine "whispiness" in all of those skies? Do you not know what that means about about the state of the air aloft, how close to or far from saturation with water vapor it is?
Do you not know what happens when you release a trail of water droplets into air that is over-saturated (but unable to condense because of lack of "seeds")

If not, I suggest you delve far enough into meteorology to learn.

I will bother considering your talk about pictures of "chemtrails" only when these show the air is likely far from being saturated. It is only under that condition that your expectation that a vapor trail will dissipate is correct.

Dude ^ 30.Mar.2014 19:12

Tracy Mapes

I Though Chem Trails was Bullshit 'til a U.S.C.G. C-130 laid down One Right over the Top of My House in 2012. Night Time at About 350' to 400'.

I believe it is related to an on going dispute the Government has with my Political Activities, and Push Back from U.S.A.F/Air National Guard's 162nd Combat Communications Wing in North Highlands California, which I have shared incidence of since 2006.

I (Conjecture) Believe they may also be involved with Baxter Pharmaceuticals and various incidence of fish and bird kill events around the Country (Chem Trails Specifically)- No Proof, just a Hunch.

The Media Subversion Crap I Peddle? 100% True. Don't Mistrust the Government, and then try to Defend Them. There is Some Really Fucked Up Shit Going on Since 2000 in this Country, and that's not a Vilification of All Government Employees and Soldiers, just be Aware to the Fact that Everyone who Seems to have gone over the edge by "Normal Standards" have been telling the Truth the Whole Damned Time.

Never Doubt a Victim just Because Life Hasn't Shit on You Yet. The Information they provide might save your Ass from losing it when it happens to You.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

desert 31.Mar.2014 11:44


photos taken near Palm Springs- totally DRY AIR. Hasn't rained there in AGES.