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Boycott Peru - End Nazism

Peru has a growing number of neo-nazi's. The believe that Jewish people are the reason they are impoverished, particularly in the andes mountain communities. They believe that supporting a Nazi agenda will increase their wellbeing.
There is a growing neo-nazi movement in the highlands of Peru right now. Tourist dollars help support the growth of these hate groups. Boycott Peru and send a message to the Peruvian Government that Nazism will not be tolerated. Stop buying Peruvian goods (Pink Salt) and postpone any vacation plans to Machu Pichu until the Government declares Nazi's a hate group and educates it's people on what Hitler actually stood for.

These people are astoundingly ignorant. The public education system actually promotes racism, as well as the media, which is all owned by one company. The president of Peru recently spoke out about this and was heavily criticized. People who speak out against the nazi's are immediately branded 'jews' or Israeli (I'm American btw) and shunned by general public immediately making a target out of anyone who speaks against them.

They seem to believe that Jews are responsible for their countries problems and that hate is the solution. The real problem is a severe lack of GOOD educational opportunities and cultural norms that promote sloth and a lack of creativity.

Petition the Peruvian government to make hate groups illegal as well as increase educational opportunities. Specifically education in history about the holocaust. I'm confident the Peruvians supporting a New National Socialist party are very ignorant in terms of what the symbol actually means and what kind of things the NAZI party stood for as well as the atrocities they committed.

If you are of Jewish, or Israeli considering coming to Peru to volunteer your time in some of the remote villages and let the people get to know actual jews.

Thanks for reading.

{This is absolutely not a joke}