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Was Lost Flight Hijacked bt Military to Diego Garcia?

Joint UK/USA Military base a perfect rendevous for 911 style shenanigans
Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia
USS Saratoga in Port at Diego Garcia
USS Saratoga in Port at Diego Garcia
NWO Nuclear  Oasis in the middle of the ocean
NWO Nuclear Oasis in the middle of the ocean
Malaysian authorities vehemently denied that their lost flight was hijacked to Diego Garcia, the southernmost island of the "British Indian Territorial Ocean" or B.I.T.O. ABC News describes the island as small potatoes as far as military hardware goes, but forgets to mention it's a B-52 Nuclear Bomber base, prepared to nuke the planet at a moment's notice. An easy place to stash a plane from satellite cameras. If the end game was pitting Malaysia, Asia's economic "wild-card", against Red China, it's been successful so far. Especially since the Malay authorities just declared the plane lies at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. How do they know? The British military told them so. Same folks who own Diego Garcia. Somehow the search has been looking everywhere except in the direction of those islands, well within range of that jet. The main search parties; Australia, France, and Japan, are all allied militarily and could easily conspire to fudge the math and send ships and planes into the wrong part of the ocean. Malaysia's obvious refusal to give any timely info to the Chinese, leaving the families of passengers in a nightmare limbo of ignorance and fear and media assault is cause to pause. Now their claim that the great mystery is finally solved smells pretty rancid in light of their ineptness over the last two weeks. China is really pissed! Malaysia is suddenly on the ropes bigtime with their powerful neighbor. That "pivot toward Asia" is strewn with banana peels and WD-40 lately, what with China's increased economic and military influence in the region. Perhaps a shortcut was needed to upset the applecart of geopolitical balance in a region that always been hotly contested by East and West. Does Machiavelli still rule our actual decision-makers? Keeping your enemies close worked for the Borgias all right. It just makes no sense that you can lose a whole jumbo jet in 2014 with absolutely zero trace. So much of this thing smacks of 911. Fake Middle-Eastern passports. Doctored photos of the two "brothers" caught with them, and their near instant vindication as "immigrants" by the gov. & media. The way the plane evaded know radar and satellite tracking areas. The way the responder just "stopped working". The trickle of redundant info flooding the media in the days following the incident. Malaysia even publicly denied the plane landed in Diego Garcia. They didn't deny UFO's spirited it away to Spielbergland though. Also funny how every map of the area being shown on TV news, here and abroad, show every thing in or by the Indian Ocean except the B.I.T.O Island chain and it's southernmost member, Diego Garcia. I'm just saying it's not an impossible scenario. After all, to people who murdered over 3,000 of their own citizens on 911, a planeload of Asians is a two-Hail Mary sin.

not everything is a conspiracy 24.Mar.2014 16:13


Why do you insist on spinning every single news item as a conspiracy? If the US wanted to pit Malaysia against China (for whatever reason, not that it would make ANY geopolitical sense to do this, by the way), there would be better ways than hijacking a plane, something we have literally zero evidence for.

Don't let that stop you from wildly speculating.

every single news item? 24.Mar.2014 19:27


Every single news item? Give me one more example please. Sounds like you have it in for me for anything I write. All I say is that it's as feasible as any other feeble, unscientific excuse they have. Makes JUST AS MUCH SENSE as the Malaysian government makes.. You probably think the Twin Towers just "collapsed" on themselves too. Guess what- Some things actually ARE a conspiracy- like 911 & the Continental Congress. ps- love your "name".

furthermore... 24.Mar.2014 20:44


The UK Co. that says it's satellite "pings" Doppler results prove it crashed into the Abyss REFUSES ALL COMMENT ON THE SUBJECT. So does the British Government. No transparency here, just a lot of "holy science" mumbo jumbo about some "Doppler effect" that has never ever been proven to work. Ever. Speaking of Ever, ever hear about TWA Flight 800? Shot out of the NY sky by the USS Vincennes and blamed on everything from Seagulls to meteors. Hundreds saw the missile rise and explode from the beach, but they were hassled and stalked until they shut up. It's not the conspiracies that are surprising. It's been going on since men began to walk and talk. It's the COVERUPS that always betray the perpe-traitors and conspirators, and the incredible lengths allied nations will go in pursuit of their common objectives; economic and military influence in critical (and profitable) regions of the world. Everyone knows that modern satellite technology is capable of reading a business card from orbit. We've all seen it on "60 Minutes". They have had this capability for decades. To foist off these fuzzy, blurry, cloud & whitecap laden "satellite photos" as the fruits of 21st Century satellite technology is beyond preposterous. Those morphy-looking things that look like fuzzy rice is the best we can do? And how about all thse planes that "spotted debris"? Where the heck are the photos? Can't they just circle around the "debris" for A FEW MINUTES AND TAKE SOME CREDIBLE PHOTOS? There are no pictures released at all that were taken from the search planes. Why? Someone may have shot this thing out of the sky accidentally, like Flight 800. Coverups are our middle name when we really really screw up. ps- those two brothers bought their tickets together. The official photos released of them "at the gate" show an incredible detail. The bottom halves of each photo are IDENTICAL. Same pants, same shoes, same position of every single detail. Folds of pants, position of feet. Doctored EVIDENCE is always a hallmark of coverup. It's obviously the same photograph, but WHY? Shades of Life Magazine and Lee Harvey Oswald! No less than The London Daily Mail put these photos and coverup questions on their front page just THIS MORNING.
official photos from Malaysia- Look at bottom half of photo- astounding!
official photos from Malaysia- Look at bottom half of photo- astounding!
No way these photos weren't doctored- STOLEN IRANIAN PASSPORTS??
No way these photos weren't doctored- STOLEN IRANIAN PASSPORTS??

A Literal "COVERUP" 24.Mar.2014 20:59


Now the Malaysian cops say they "accidentally" placed one picture "over the other" when they "photocopied them". a LITERAL "COVERUP"! Do you really believe THAT? Just what was blocked out in the second photo we'll never know because they refuse to release the original airport video screenshot that they later "photocopied". This is the way incriminating EVIDENCE is destroyed by authorities. Look again at those photos- even their shadows are identical. Chinese TV was the first to notice this, and that alone may very well be a big reason China is refusing to wholly accept the latest proclamations from Western "experts". ps-In addition to fake Iranian passports, these clowns also used STOLEN Austrian and Italian documents. Way too much weirdness here to completely dismiss anything.
No Diego Garcia on the Official Australian Getty Map   Diego WHO?
No Diego Garcia on the Official Australian Getty Map Diego WHO?

Sense 25.Mar.2014 13:45


When rAT has so much rationale, & his refuter so little, it's hard to consider rAT a conspiracist. It's not enough to say after a presentation like this, that it's not true. Not true, WHY! Besides, rAT didn't say that his hunch is absolutely true. He's asked us to consider the possibility. Because not everything is a conspiracy, doesn't mean that nothing is. Are corporations NOT, for example, maneuvering to take over all world trade? Well, yes they are, & they will do anything to do so.

Gibberish 25.Mar.2014 16:36

Toe Tag

The Vincennes shot down an Iran Air Airbus in the Persian Gulf in 1988. It wasn't anywhere near Long Island Sound or flight 800. And who says Inmarsat is refusing comment on their tracking of MH370? They were the ones who disclosed it!

sorry 26.Mar.2014 09:35


Sorry- I just confused the warships. The Normandy shot down Flight 800. I'm not Mr. Perfecto.

You want incompetence? I got your incompetence right here... 27.Mar.2014 08:24

Weasel Words

Yesterday, local TV news showed an American official criticizing the incompetence of Malaysia in its investigation, then closed with this gem - a U.S. Navy ping locator was being shipped in to aid the search, scheduled to arrive next week, AFTER the plane's transponders were expected to cease working. It's hard to imagine this level of bungling could be anything but INTENTIONAL!

official denials 13.Apr.2014 11:08


Yesterday the USA officially denied that Flight MH370 landed at Diego Garcia. Evidence that it may have is pouring in like crazy. Many Maldive islanders saw the plane at low altitude- it may have been refueled there. We may be on the verge of True Craziness here. Let's pray not.