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1st Lady in China on "Free Speech" Jag as Feinstein & Senate Prepare to Gag Journalists

ANYONE with a political opinion who likes posting online may wind up in PRISON unless employed by a Corporate Entity
So there's Michelle. She ditched the lame bangs and is looking quite suave as she prances around the Chinese capitol giving interviews and press conferences. She's been harping on pretty much just one subject though. "Freedom of Speech" and how important it is that Red China allow more free input from the hoi polloi, thus ensuring the development of "Democracy" in that nation. What is the definition of the "D" word that she is using? At Tianamen Square the Chinese authorities showed their utter disdain for the "Goddess of Democracy" and it's young supporters that they sent in tanks and infantry to massacre hundreds of what CCTV always refers to as "trouble makers". But now I suppose we're so intertwined with China on so many levels, that the definitions of "Democracy" and "Communism" are being subtly morphed into some hazy false concept that has little to do with Constitutions, Honest elections, and redress of grievances. That CCTV advertisement they always run says it all. They show currency bills from many countries, with a voice over reassuring you that this world is no longer "us and them, or me and you" It rambles on about how "we're all interconnected" and there are no borders or boundaries anymore. Actually it's the best brainwashing ad I've ever seen for the NWO. so as the 1st Lady espouses the grand concept of FREE SPEECH, Senator Dianne Feinstein, a longtime stooge of China and a NWO/Military/Industrial Complex Warhorse has the support of enough Senators in Washington to pass a bill that criminalizes being or claiming to be a JOURNALIST unless you are gainfully employed by a CORPORATE "news disseminating organization". Then you'll be a "Covered Journalist". (eg: Bought and Sold). You and I could both get in deep doo-doo just for expressing our opinions online. And these are not Bush infected Neo-Cons trying to stifle free speech. These are Democrats for Godssake. And the wife of their esteemed leader is busy telling the Chinese Communists (whatever that means) to unleash the reins of Liberty and join the "Free World" of communications. It's almost funny in a perverse sort of way, but the giggles end when you remember how insanely fascist the NSA & TSA under Obama has treated the privacy and dignity of the supposed "Free Citizens of the USA". Phone tapping and e-mail peeping-Tom-ery are not the hallmarks of a free and democratic society either. It seems that as things deteriorate faster than ever these days, the reactionary dog and pony shows increase also. Europe is on the verge of total craziness vis-a-vis Putin's new Nationalism Craze. Kerry is in hiding after being buggered before the world by Russia, not to mention our so-called "Allies". Turkey, one of biggest "allies" and recipients of massive US military aid, has just given Free Speech a burial by outlawing Twitter and other social media. I just hope that by the time of the next big election, some total maniac isn't let loose on us all to "clean up" the global mess that our present poltical establishment seems powerless to fix and eager to ignore.

Please post details. 23.Mar.2014 13:41


Please post details of this bill so we can call and complain, etc.

blinds 23.Mar.2014 13:58

overwhelming as usual

I don't do blinds or windows either. Go to startpage.com and type in Feinstein Bill Restricts Independent Journalists for links By the way "Anon", the Bill outlaws ANON-ymity

Sen. Feinstein Wants to Strip Independent Journalistsí Rights 23.Mar.2014 16:34


 link to www.care2.com

Freedom of the press may be one of the founding principles of the United States, but Senator Dianne Feinstein is on a mission to limit these powers. The fourth-term California Democrat has proposed an amendment to narrow the definition of journalism and give privileges to only those she deems "real reporters."

Currently, most states have shield laws designed to protect journalists, but no such laws exist on a federal level. Recently, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved national shield laws, but Feinstein was unhappy with how broadly journalist could be interpreted and wrote up an amendment to address her personal concerns. [more]

[video link on youtube]  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zjZo-U21mU

This is Why... 24.Mar.2014 11:39

Tracy Mapes

I've been Telling You ...and Telling You right up until you find Yourselves in my current position. (Fucking Nowhere).

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ U.S. Citizen \\\\\\\\\\\\\ WARNING!!!! ////////////
2012 Media Subversion List - Coup D'Etat , Treason USA



Sorry! ... 24.Mar.2014 12:08

Tracy Mapes

I forgot to Add, not seeing the Linked Video.

I Dropped out of High School at Age 17, and in 2002 Bought a $5 Dollar Website on Geocities.

I did in fact receive a GED in or about 1979-80. The Supporting Diploma was stolen from my House along with My Birth Certificate about 2005. Also removed from my possession was at least one of My News Reels Dated December 9th 2003. Which Included an Interview with the Person AKA (Angela) Sonja Sota Mayor at the Scene of a Regional Transit Bus Accident at J' St. and 19th Street in Sacramento, CA.

As if that isn't unbelievable enough for You?

When I was in the 5th Grade and Attended Meyers Elementary School, near So. Lake Tahoe, California, Senator, Mrs Feinstein was known as Mrs. Helens a Fifth Grade Teacher in an Adjoining Classroom with whom I was taught World History. She told me at the time, "Tracy, One Day, You will be a Very Important Person in History". Another Statement by this Teacher at the Time, was during an exercise that required the Students to Imagine themselves being Inside of a Bubble, and for as far as they could reach out around themselves, they would always be Protected. I told her I would not Participate, and I found the Exercise Pretentious at Best.

Well? Guess What? ...I Don't like the Activities You're Involved with Now as I am an Adult.

She is also the Teacher who made sure I got a Presidential Physical Fitness Patch despite me being slightly under the marked time limit. The President at the time was Richard Nixon, or so the Certificate Said.

My Mother, also told me that this was a Very Special kind of School and that it was the First Time It had ever been tried. A Fundamental School in Which Grades 5-6, 7-10, and Children 9-12 years of Age all had a Shared Learning Environment. Since that Time, I have wondered if I got in because I had designed a Nuclear Weapon at age 9?

But, it seems to extend far before that time in my Family's History, and has something to Do with that Masonic Crap. Bloodlines and that kind of Shit. Fuck, I'm just a God Damned Kid from Lake Tahoe.
Now 52.

All I do know is...This is Not a Great Time in American History. Not a Great Time at All.


This Government has been Deeply Infiltrated, and I Do Not Approve of Any of IT.

Take Care,

Tracy Mapes, Newsman