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On The Brink Of WWIII In Ukraine. US President/Warlord Can Kill Anyone He Wants

It seems likely that Russia must invade all of Ukraine, both East and West. I think they will stay only long enough for new elections to be held (except in Crimea). They cannot allow Ukraine to be controlled by the West, because that would allow NATO to use that whole country to station "instant kill" missile sites. They say that the systems in Poland are anti-missile, but that's not believable: Those will mostly be offensive "instant kill" covertly offensive missile sites, since joint operation with Russian officers has been rejected. Consider:
Science, technology and the nuclear arms race
 link to www.researchgate.net

"SLBMs [submarine-launched ballistic missiles] flown on depressed trajectories would have short flight times, comparable to escape times of bombers and launch times of ICBMs, thus raising the possibility of short time-of-flight (STOF) nuclear attacks."

Depressed trajectory ground-to-ground missiles are just the same as SLBMs. They probably can reach Moscow from Poland within five minutes. Ukraine encroaches on much more Russian territory than does Poland. And I did a crude, but reasonable, map-measurement to compare the closest point in Poland and the closest point in Ukraine to Moscow. The border of Ukraine is about 2.68 times closer to Moscow than the border of Poland. So, missiles from Ukraine could reach Moscow in about 1.9 minutes. And they would be far more difficult to track and intercept. What would one take this to mean for the M.A.D. equation? It would certainly be most unhealthy for all of us!

I think this is really the Cuban Missile Crisis in reverse. They think Russia will let NATO control Ukraine? Really? Obviously intelligence is not part of what it takes to run an empire.

90% of the people in Ukraine prefer simple Russian poverty to Western austerity and police violence. The West has Diebold machine voting, single-selection ("two-party") voting, and corrupt party list proportional representation voting. In other words, no democracy whatsoever. (When we could easily have open simple score voting.)

Covert Western agencies like the NED have spent Five Billion Dollars ($USD $5,000,000,000.) inflicting a Nazi/oligarch coup regime on the Ukraine people. The power eleets don't really care if we fry in nuclear hell just so long as they get to have all the sex, wealth, and power.

And yes they have put real Nazis into the Ukraine coup regime. Take a look at the little square in the lower right of the photo: it's a Wolfsangle. The Nazi supporters who despise Russians, Jews, blacks, Gypsies, etc. in Kiev are all wearing them. A Chief Rabbi of Ukraine has urged Jews to flee:

Chief Rabbi of Ukraine Urges Jews to Flee:
 link to beforeitsnews.com

(The term "Wolfsangle" is said to mean "wolf trap" in German, and the symbol it refers to appeared in German heraldry sometime around the 18th century. It was appropriated by the Nazis in the WWII era, and is now used extensively by neo-Nazis, and by people who fancy themselves to be such. However, in some contexts it is associated with German folk movements that have nothing to do with Nazis.)

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How much? 19.Mar.2014 09:29


How much is Russia paying you to post this BULLSHIT?

Information in this article documented 19.Mar.2014 16:07


i've read all of this before, mostly at Guardian UK and Asia Times new sites and Counterpunch.

Counterpunch is out to lunch 20.Mar.2014 10:05


Counterpunch is your "documentation"??? They still think Obama killed Osama. And Asia Times and the Guardian are about as 'Socialist Establishment' as you can get in the UK and the Far East.

So, rAT, 23.Mar.2014 00:39


You prefer the Wall Street Journal and the NYT?

I'll go for Pepe Escobar and Patrick Cockburn any day.

words in mouth 23.Mar.2014 12:54


The NY Times???? Put some words in my mouth why don't you. Counterpunch is elitist liberal claptrap. Hell, Alex Cockburn once publicly declared that JFK PATSY Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone killer with remarkable aim. Go figure. Same crew as Vanity Fair my friend. 911 cover-up artists SUPREME.

And how much 27.Mar.2014 22:58


Is the Democratic and Republican party paying you to post your rendition of US?/EU imperialism on Russia's border?