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Pacific NW Social Forum Open House

You're invited to come to Sisters Of The Road on April 4th to learn about the planning going on for the PNW Social Forum here in Portland in September.
Y'all Come! To the Pacific Northwest Social Forum Open House, Saturday April 5th from 1-5 PM at the Sisters Of The Road Cafe at 133 NW 6th Ave in downtown Portland.

Help us build toward the Pacific NW People's Plan of Action by co-creating the Pacific NW Social Forum 3-day agenda - what we will do during that vital time together to build the people's plan to reclaim our region!

Plug In to working groups planning toward the PNWSF in September, help with outreach, program planning, facilitation, whatever you're good at.

*Learn what a People's Movement Assembly is from experienced national organizers with the US Social Forum.

*Propose PMA break-out sessions around the issue or campaign you hold dear.

*Meet with other organizers from throughout the region who will be attending to discuss how we are building toward the Social Forum.

The Pacific Northwest Social Forum (PNSWSF) will be taking place September 26th-28th in Portland, OR. The PNWSF is not a conference, it is a convergence of people's movements who's primary work & struggles take place in No Cal, OR, WA, British Columbia, MT, ID, UT, Hawaii & Alaska to build solidarity and unified action toward social, economic and environmental justice in the Pacific NW. We will reach across fronts of struggle to find where we have common goals and where we can build unity, capacity and effectiveness to end the violent systems of oppression all around us and build systems that will meet the needs of all people and sustain the ecosystems of our region and the planet.

Come to this Open House with good ideas and intentions to contribute and ready to do some hard movement building work. For more questions about the Open House or how to be involved in the PNWSF planning, email us at  nwsocialforum@gmail.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.pnwsf.org/