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May Day is coming

Every year... a little louder... a little bigger.... heh heh heh
Remember the laughter, and the pirate ship, and the anarchist cheerleaders with their red-and-black pom poms?

Remember when Chief of Portland Police Kroeker--he who posed in Nazi regalia and instituted a Wehrmacht memorial--launched a radio-coordinated, three-pronged ATV blitzkrieg on a peaceful MayDay march, downtown Portland, 2000? Well, I do--


'Tis charming to see the now-absent blue shirts on the local constabulary. It was the pre-9/11-false-flag terror era, but as you can see, it was ugly enough towards the end. A happy, laughing, peaceful crowd of celebrants, brutalized. Oh, how we Hoped For Change. (In the Federal Mind Control Department, someone took notes.) Now we have a friendlier looking face in office, and habeas corpus is gone, and cities are in ruins, while the robots rule the air. And there's the whole climate disaster and nuclear obliteration threat...

Time for a bigger march.



End the Jim Crow Drug War! Free nonviolent prisoners! Stop King CONG (coal/oil/nuclear/gas)! Stop Climate Destruction! End Racist Deportations! Stop The Wars! $15.50 or Fight! Free the Intenet! Stop Secret Police Spying! Free Giant Puppets!

(This announcement is from D.M.T. and does not necessarily represent the aims or opinions of the groups mentioned above.)

Splinter 18.Mar.2014 10:04


If folks want to see anything interesting or confrontational happen at this year's May Day, they should begin organizing a splinter march independently of the May Day Coalition.