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Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet Surfaces in Unlikely Place

"I guess I realized that something was wrong when I noticed that there was an airplane sticking out of my cup of coffee."
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Diego Garcia 18.Mar.2014 12:16

new 911?

Most popular theory right now? That jet was likely diverted to the US Air Base at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. Remote controlled takeover by the US military. Why? To start shit between China and Malaysia. Malaysia refuses to go NWO like Indonesia. Super independent and successful on all levels. So we put the pressure on them by getting the Chinese on their case big time over this event. Bigger than 911? Maybe so. Chinese media is already pumping up the nasty rhetoric about Malaysian "incompetence" and "deception". Everyone gets to spin this their own way, depending on their individual agendas. Our "pivot" toward Asia is more than slippery right now, what with China's massive economic and military outlays in the region. The West needs a quick, decisive scam to counterbalance the new geopolitical power equation. How it all is supposed to all play out is anyone's guess. The fact that the Malaysian defense minister even made an official announcement denying the Diego Garcia story proves the subject definitely had some wings. They're not denying UFO theories officially, that's for sure. And Malaysia has already publicly accused the U.S. of perpetrating the 911 attacks. The last world leader who did that, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, left this world rather mysteriously not long after. There's just simply NO WAY that jet could just disappear. Not in the 21st Century. All Boeings since 1995 can be flown remotely by the military via satellite.

then again... 20.Mar.2014 10:09


It's probably IS bobbing around in the middle of the Indian Ocean somewhere.