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Fast Track Is A Flop: Petition Delivery to Ron Wyden's Office

We need to tell Senator Wyden that Fast Track is an obsolete, undemocratic process that needs to go the way of the dinosaurs!
When: Thursday March 20th, 12pm to 1pm Where: The Federal Building Plaza at Ron Wyden's Office, 911 NE 11th Ave Thanks to massive grassroots resistance, we have derailed the recent Fast Track bill for the Trans-Pacific Partnership! But we are not safe, yet. Senator Ron Wyden, the new Finance Committee Chair, is deciding right now whether to introduce a new version of Fast Track that could sneak the job-killing TPP through Congress without meaningful debate or amendments. Please join us in signing floppy discs and delivering them to Senator Wyden's Portland office during the Senate Recess! We will have discs to sign on the day of the delivery. Your participation in pressuring our congresspeople to do the right thing is the only way to fight to the TPP. Thank you! To sign the petition, click here

signed my name 18.Mar.2014 09:16


Tell Senator Wyden Fast Track is Obsolete

Fast Track is an outdated and inappropriate way to negotiate and approve 21st Century trade agreements.

Please oppose Fast Track and insist the public has a meaningful role in the creation of all future trade pacts.

[This petition has a goal of 1000 signatures]