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Like a scene from "War and Peace", the re-emergence of Russian Cossacks in Crimea brings memories of slaughtered Jews back to the forefront
Cossacks attack
Cossacks attack "Pussy-Riot" demonstrators in Sochi with BULLWHIPS
Cossacks slaughter Jews- 400 years of genocide
Cossacks slaughter Jews- 400 years of genocide
Cossacks march through Crimea this week
Cossacks march through Crimea this week
Crimeans drown Jewish children in barrels in WWII- making room on death trains
Crimeans drown Jewish children in barrels in WWII- making room on death trains
I just watched CCTV (China Central TV) news regarding the appearance of thousands of Russian Cossacks, those fabled predecessors of the Nazi SS death squads that roamed Poland immediately after that nation was overrun by German troops in 1939. Ras-Putin has sent them in personally to deal with what CCTV always refers to as "Troublemakers": namely, Ukranians who do not want to be ruled by Russia. China certainly has no problem when it comes to dealing with pesky "Democracy Demonstrators", as the massacres at Tianamen Square so aptly proved. CCTV portrayed the fabled butchers as "family men" who have "volunteered" to defend Russia from "subversive elements" within the Crimea. They showed them "patrolling" pro-Russian demonstrations in search of those "troublemakers". One thing CCTV refuses to show us is film of these paramilitary thugs beating the living crap out of anyone they may deem a "subversive". Just last month Putin sent in a Cossack squad with bullwhips and tear-gas to attack members of Pussy-Riot who dared to stage an anti-Putin demonstration at the Sochi Olympics. Some were hospitalized for serious wounds. Cossacks wiped out nearly every person of Jewish origin in Crimea back in the mid-1600's. Around 300,000 were slaughtered. Cossacks delighted in prolonged, severe torture. Sandals and ornaments made from dead Jewish bodies were quite the fashion, centuries before Dachau's grisly discoveries. Quite a cultural legacy for Putin to be resurrecting in the 21st Century. The few rightist elements within the Kiev political framework is a joke in comparison to what Russia is now introducing. Make no mistake- These modern-day neo-fascist Cossacks are the vanguard for possible death-squad activity should wholesale violence erupt. This is the face that REussia wants to display to the world? It seems almost unbelievable that Putin would resort to such dismal a blueprint. One that conjures up the most stereo-typed images of Russia. Images based upon a bloody and unenviable past that elevated antisemitism to an art form. And China's obvious tilt toward Russia, despite all their huge investments in Ukraine, proves that birds of a Communist feather will stick together. Sometimes I wonder why CCTV and RT are even permitted to disseminate such obvious black propaganda in the USA- spin that verges on naked lies designed to confuse and undermine truth. People laugh about charges that Obama is a Communist, as well they should. But the latitude given to China's US "News" outlet seems to leave a lot of room to disseminate some really dangerous propaganda, such as how patriotically motivated and righteous goddamned COSSACKS really are. In between the travelogues and Peking Operas, CCTV knows how to slip the blade of deception right between our ribs.

Roots of Capitalism 10.Mar.2014 19:50


State capitalism, this land was your land
and now its our land.

who is the antijewish side 16.Mar.2014 07:04


Most other people commenting on this topic are concerned about the antijewish far-right party that is trying to become the new leadership of Ukraine. Certainly, the average citizen is most concerned about the high levels of corruption, where only those who pay big bribes are allowed to get into good positions in society. They have propaganda that Putin is a secret jew who has stolen all the money etc.  link to www.jpost.com