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Trade: Time for a New Vision

50 civil society groups participated in crafting the Alternative Trade Mandate. States should be able to protect themselves from financial d3eregulation, risky financial products, genetically modified corn and salmon and chlorinated chickens. The Investor-State Settlement mechanism gives corporations the same status as nation states.
to read or download the 20-page "Alternative Trade Mandate" from January 2014, click on

 link to www.alternativetrademandate.org

"Trade should be about exchange, with ecologically
and culturally distinct regions equitably sharing their
products, skills and creativity. But in recent decades,
trade has become less about exchange of goods and more
about eliminating social and environmental safeguards
in pursuit of corporate profit. The proposed EU-US free
trade agreement - the Transatlantic Trade and Investment
Partnership - is a good example: while the elimination of
trade barriers between Europe and the US is touted as a
way out of the economic doldrums for these two blocs, in
reality it is set to seriously erode social, environmental and
labour rights.

This ever-quickening race to the bottom has destroyed
lives, livelihoods and communities. Today, trade is used
as a system of control by the powerful, and to promote the
specific interests of the few..."

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