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Dear Russian Federation Please

Get rid of these Kiev "Ukraine" Nazis!

They want global austerity. They want to starve and poison the non-wealthy. They want to kill the Blacks, the Jews, the Gypsies, anybody that is slightly not like they are. Anybody who dares to harbor decent souls.
They are worse than Hitler. They worship the ORIGINAL runic Swastika The Wolfsangel.

CIA 10.Mar.2014 11:11


How are things at the CIA, "Blues"?

How Are Things At The Feeble-Minded Village? 11.Mar.2014 18:52


Either you are feeble or are evil. Take your pick.

yes! 12.Mar.2014 14:04


Blues is right. It would be much better if we instead favored the pro-Putin neo-nazi fascists who are currently marking the homes of ethnic Tatars in Crimea, just like father Stalin did in the 50's and 60's to prepare them for deportation. Russian right wing-fascism is ok. Ukrainian fascism, not ok.

See? it's easy. Blues has a very simple black and white universe all laid out for you. Remember Assad? Blues loved him too, and Gaddafi. Any dictator who is against the west is a good guy, and everything bad you read about them is just mean western propaganda. Don't mind the mass graves and the starving populations.

Blues loves benevolent dictators, especially red ones. Their totalitarianism is good and blameless, as long as it is somehow opposed to the west.