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Thomas Rudd and Joint Base Lewis McChord - Still Spying After All These Years

After all these years, the Joint Base Lewis McChord Force Protection Division is still around and still spying on us. It is still being run by Thomas Rudd, the man who supervised a pattern of intimidation, excessive force, malicious prosecution to stop us from exercising our First Amendment rights. Something here just isn't right. Speak Up! Demand Change! Demand Justice!
The spies from Joint Base Lewis McChord are back in the news.

With the upcoming trial, in June of this year, of John Towery and Thomas Rudd we are all once again reminded of the abuses of our rights and freedoms brought forth by these evil men. Court papers tell the story of "false arrests and imprisonment, harassment, intimidation, excessive force, malicious prosecution, and other forms of brutality and humiliation to disrupt a series of demonstrations based on the content of the protest, to try and forcibly coerce the participants in those demonstrations in to abandoning the exercise of their First Amendment rights."

At the conclusion of the upcoming trial the court will make a ruling and justice will be served, or a miscarriage of justice will befall us. The court will do what the court will do, but perhaps a more important question to ask is what has Joint Base Lewis McChord done to ensure that these abuses never happen again?

If the stories we read in the newspapers are true, John Towery long ago resigned his position in the Force Protection Division and moved on to other things. A man fleeing justice? Or perhaps a man realizing that the tasks assigned to him by his supervisor were wrong, and thus John Towery choose to do what was right and resigned.

But what about that supervisor, Thomas Rudd? According to all reports, Thomas Rudd is still employed on Joint Base Lewis McChord, and is still the Chief of the Force Protection Division. This Force Protection Division, that engaged in " brutality and humiliation" against numerous people exercising their First Amendment rights is still operating on Joint Base Lewis McChord.

So, what's changed? Thomas Rudd, the man who planned, organized, and supervised the systematic harassment, intimidation, brutality and humiliation of so many people is still running the Force Protection Division. Is he still violating our civil rights? Is he sending people to infiltrate our private groups and report on our personal thoughts and conversations? Is he listening to our telephone conversations, reading our email, or monitoring our post to friends on social media? Just what information is Thomas Rudd collecting about us? What does Joint Base Lewis McChord do with that information after Thomas Rudd gives it to them? Who else receives our personal and private information once it has been stolen by Thomas Rudd and the spies he sends into our midst?

According to information published in the Joint Base Lewis McChord newspaper the "Northwest Guardian" Thomas Rudd is also the Installation's ATO (or Anti-Terrorism-Officer). His email is  thomas.r.rudd.civ@mail.mil and his telephone number is 253-677-9752. Just what business does an Anti-Terrorism-Officer have looking into our private lives and personal communications?

Does Joint Base Lewis McChord consider the people of Washington to be terrorists because we exercise our Constitutional Rights?

Something here just isn't right! When evil men continue to run the organizations that trampled our freedoms under their jack-booted feet, when abuses of power go unchecked and uncorrected, when the Commander of Joint Base Lewis McChord continues to allow the criminal conduct of the people employed on the installation to run rampant, perhaps all hope is lost.

Call the Joint Base Lewis McChord Commanding General at (253) 477-1604 and demand that Thomas Rudd be removed from office. Send a comment to the Joint Base Commander using their online comment system  https://ice.disa.mil/index.cfm?fa=card&s=957&sp=121425&dep=*DoD and demand that the spying stop. If we don't speak up clearly and forcefully, demanding that evil men be removed from their positions of power, then we all become victims of our own complacency.