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Currently Conventional Elections Are Pure Frauds

Unlike most of the rest of the world, the US lacks the gold-standard, hand counted paper ballot, and foists easily hacked machines on the voters.
The "election methods" clique of political "scientists" relentlessly insists that we the people must "vote our conscience," vote "honestly," "sincerely," etc., while they and their politicians pursue every form of wily strategy to achieve their ends. We are harshly admonished to vote artlessly never artfully. They offer no reason at all for us to waste our time studying the issues, since we are totally impotent anyway.

The Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, super-rich foundation supported IRV is an insidious trap, as has now been well documented.

How can we DEMAND hand counted paper ballots, machine-free elections and the ONLY voting method that removes the spoiler effect, two-party system, with its NeoDems the simple form of Score Voting? Sortition the random selection of representatives would be better but few common people possess the experience required to actually run governments without becoming hopelessly hoodwinked.

I support the enaction of universal compulsory voting! (Even though I think it may be very wrong.)

Perhaps all the voters will then shun the machine-ridden, single-selection ("plurality") voting booths in one massive act of civil disobedience.

Indeed: Universal compulsory voting is precisely what we need just now.

Here are some good websites pertaining to score voting:





 link to simplescorevoting.wordpress.com

Remember, the "election methods" clique has known about the power of score voting since at least the time of the french revolution. Yet they have only ever been interested in methods that entangle voters in tricky conundrums that hardly anyone can understand.