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Sick System (series) "Starving System."

My following poem is an ongoing series of the "Sick System" series. This particular poem is in reference to the abuse of the penal system, and the innocent lives destroyed as a result. Dedicated to the unjustly-incarcerated. (Pictures credited to gamestime.com, and electls.blogs.wm.edu
jail cell
jail cell
bloody dollar
bloody dollar
man on computer
man on computer
.We look for life like water in a drought

.Stealing lies with vicious lies, without a second or even single thought

.Lincoln ended slavery, only before war for freedom was fiercely fought

.Prisons needed expansions, its proceeds for our mansions.

.Every cell housing. Guilty or innocent even hard to tell

.Like homelessness, eyes see only hopelessness

.No longer a society member, only a state issued number

.Flee for your stolen lives, if y'all dare

.Appeal our lies to our courts, as if they care

.Sudden shots hit your backs by our slavecatchers-turned-police officers, with betrayer lawyers before your feet meet the street

.Railroaded, rundown, ruled as a train wreck waiting to happen

.Judged by your "peers" led astray, as you're led away, unable to shed away your tears.

.Can you hear us silently clapping with cheers?

.You may or may not have commited the crime, but you're guilty enough.........and you do the time!

A slot needed to be filled, a life needed to be killed, a case no longer needed to be appealed.