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U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonio Scalia>Your Fair Trials Are Now State Murders !

Who would ever believe in 2014 America is allowing Russia's Stalin style executions & imprisonment with Arizona v Youngblood vanishing~lost exoneration legal defense evidence !
Hank Skinner is on the verge of becoming another little American wrongfully imprisoned & Executed even though Texas had his most crucial exoneration DNA crime Evidence vanish to not be ever capable of being used in a court of law as defense evidence!

Hank Skinner Has Become Another little American Wrongfully Executed with Lost Evidence !

** President Obama knows the real lesson concerning our countries unjust Arizona v Youngblood U.S. Supreme Court judicial facade, is CHANGE..

U.S. Supreme Court Stopped Hank Skinner Texas Execution & Now Allows Texas To Go Ahead & Murder Hank Using The Vanishing Evidence U.S. Supreme Court Decision> Arizona v Youngblood

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Feb 19
@thinkprogress~Sorry Hank Skinner,U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antony Scalia's judicial reasoning is out on a limb and you must be murdered <

Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA Feb 19
@thinkprogress~These 2 judicial realities of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antony Scalia combined together are proof of USA Government murder*

Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA Feb 19
Thinkprogress~Scary>Justice Scalia believes fair trials consist where law enforcement loses defendants exoneration evidence> Arizona v Youngblood

Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA Feb 19
Scalia says there's nothing unconstitutional about executing the innocent.  http://thkpr.gs/a41sBg via @thinkprogress

Hillary's Agenda*
Relax environmentalists,elite financed Think Tanks creating Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential political tasks,have Mother Earth on Hillary's Agenda !
Little Independent Voters


Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA Feb 20
@TKERVOAL~Americans can only be fearful of elites under~financed judicial system that allows state lawmen to lose evidence, which results in little Americans being wrongfully imprisoned & executed ?

Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA Feb 20
@TKERVOAL~Americans have been shown & lectured about various so called injustices concerning Sharia Law,but this Hank Skinner lost~destroyed DNA exoneration evidence is 3rd world injustice !

Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA Feb 20
@TKERVOAL~Hank Skinner has always expected justice to prevail in his legal case,& all he really ever has received was Texas smoke & mirror demons..

kvlt &#8207;@TKERVOAL Feb 20
Blotti loin des autres. pic.twitter.com/qLJFtkt3GX
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Hillary's Agenda* Feb 20
@NBCNews~All of us can rest in comfort of God's mercy for even our 666 guilty
#tcot #lnyhbt #ccot #pjnet #teaparty pic.twitter.com/FW1h6lxGlF
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Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA Feb 20
@NBCNews~Our Lord never intended for his #1 wealthiest Judeo~Christian country to be imprisoning~executing little people via lost~destroyed exoneration evidence !

Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA Feb 20
@NBCNews~All little Americans are open targets 4 future mentally unfit DA's like Texas Ken Anderson who got convicted of hiding legal defense exoneration evidence! Had Ken Anderson just simply destroyed the evidence or lost it,he would have never been convicted !

Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA Feb20
@NBCNews~Hank Skinner Presidential pardon is in order,or the Peoples U.S. Congress needs protective 2014 contemporary judicial legislation !

Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA Feb
@NBCNews~Apparently,our controlling elite$ think little Americans should trust their underfinanced Kabuki smoke & mirror judicial system ?

Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA Feb 20
@HILLARYSAGENDA~Ex-Texas prosecutor Ken Anderson withheld exoneration evidence instead of losing it ?
 http://nbcnews.to/1jT0Nf0 via @NBCNews

Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA Feb 20
Elite financed U.S. Congre$$ is apparently ok allowing Hank Skinner to be murdered by the state of Texas,via Arizona
 http://lawschool.cvn.com/acf_cases/10368-arizona-v-youngblood ...