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Russian Ukraine Intercession Not Needed!

All Russia needs to do is cut the oil supply to Europe. (Which they will.)
90% of the oil that keeps the EU nations warm at the moment actually flows through... you guessed it... Ukraine. Some people think the Russians will just turn off the valves to turn off the oil to the EU and Ukraine. No. They won't harm Ukraine at all.

They will simply cut the flow though the valves so there will not be enough oil the keep Europe warm. But just enough to keep Ukraine warm. You think the Ukrainians will send the oil they need on to Europe, and volunteer to freeze in the dark? No. They will simply let the Europeans freeze in the dark.

But the Russians are also now building up troops and armaments on the Ukrainian border, of course.

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no need for our intercession, either 25.Feb.2014 14:05


I'm not defending Russia, but the Europeans have been stupid, the NATO supporting countries in particular. And just whose current model are sanctions modelled upon?

One would think that the Europeans would be smarter, but of course, they aren't. If one looks at the situation there is ample reason for Russia (and China) to be a bit disturbed and perturbed. Deliberately formenting problems and supporting an idiot (and I might add, quite autocratic) president on their border in the past, the action in Syria is are examples, but the movement has been constant in that direction, and, in Syria, using the same idiot Arab proxies again. I can only shake my head in disbelief of the willingness of these Arabs and marvel that they really believe they're going to be allowed what they might wish if it doesn't quite live up to Western expectations. Remember Bush, speaking in Minnesota at the end of the Iraq war? "They can have any government they want, as long as it's democracy?" A 2 year-old can see the contradiction, and that the words weren't some grammatical gaffe for which George was famous.

Sorry, blues, but sometimes, blues, your posts can seem exactly that same kind of contradiction.

What Do People Think Is Happening In Ukraine? 25.Feb.2014 15:45


The word "Intercession" was just a euphemism. NATO has been attacking Russia since around 1947 with no letup whatsoever. They are encircling Russia with troops and missiles constantly. The Russians will never allow Ukraine, which lies directly adjacent to their border, to become run by a government dominated by "the West."

Russian troops and military assets are now approaching Ukraine from every direction. NATO troops and military assets are approach also, largely through Poland. There is a possibility that they will be having a full-scale conflict soon. Also, Israel is now attacking the border of Syria and Lebanon. And Japan is very close to having a conflict with China involving some small but disputed islands to the south of Japan.

Gas, not oil 03.Mar.2014 15:03

Toe Tag

A lot of Russian *natural gas* goes through Ukraine/Belarus to the rest of Europe, and nowhere near 90 percent of the demand. The main petroleum pipeline that transits the region delivers to some Eastern European countries and Germany, but they have alternative delivery routes. Russia/Gazprom has threatened price increases/shutoffs during the current unpleasantness, but most of their customers have about a three-month supply in storage and should be able to see Putin off.