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Way Beyond Outrageous

$570,000,000,000 more for nuclear weapons over the next decade! Federal government is insane! We need Kyiv protesters over HERE, right NOW!

Better Link 22.Feb.2014 16:33

Den Mark

you won't agree with this but.. 22.Feb.2014 18:49

h. b

As bad as Nuclear weapons are, you, your older brothers, fathers, uncles and even grand fathers are probably alive today because the United States has those weapons, and in large enough quantity to mean something.
Look at how many people died in World War I and World War two. World War II was not a war of choice, and you weren't able to sit it out like you could Vietnam.
There is no way the United States or any other "First World" country can go toe to toe with a "Third World" birth rate in a conventional battle, which maybe why we are letting Iran do what they wish. We would bankrupt ourselves. I'm speaking of a war where America itself is at risk, but you laugh because America isn't at risk. Now you have to ask yourself why? Like it or not, those Nukes defend you in ways you can't fathom. You and your relatives are alive today because they didn't have to die defending America against 1 billion screaming Chinese. How would they get here? Probably the same question Persia asked about Genghis khan.
As much as they are going to spend on upgrading those weapons, its pretty cheap when you consider the alternative (and I don't mean some namby-pamby poli-sci bong session's dream of peace)

Dear h.b. 22.Feb.2014 20:24

Tracy Mapes

What you don't seem to understand is that the war in which America is fully engaged today has no place for the use of Nuclear Weapons.

You may look up the few interviews on the demoralization goals of communism by Yuri Bezmenov  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlpODYhnPEo

This is a war of mind control, mixed along with KKK/Nazi Branding. The Infiltration of America prior to World War II in Educational Institutions, Political Structures, Science and Law-Enforcement.

What good does that Information do for you? ...nothing really. Because you will never have a say in this government.

And, who in the hell am I? ...to tell you anything?

I'm from a small town in Northern California, I dropped out of High School in favor of the quick way out GED. I've been a Mechanic, Tree Faller, Carpenter and a News Man.

What are my qualifications on a subject of Nuclear Weapons? of which we already have enough to Destroy the World many times over.

When I was about 9 years old, I used to read the Encyclopedia Britannica profusely as I was trapped in my own World of Shyness. I spent more time with those books than my own family members. I found the pages on Fat Boy and Little Man. I, haven asked my Father of basic Nuclear Bomb principles, was given a basic outline of their functionality.

After examining the designs in the encyclopedia, I notice several design flaw to allow the purest Nuclear Reaction between the Materials due to the Material being imploded together with a separating barrier of Lead Shielding several Inches Thick. I redesigned this into a Conical Shaped Projectile that was kept in a separate chamber until ignition, when it would be Fired into the other material making maximum contact for the Most Efficient Fission Reaction ever known to Man. Most likely the final causes for Salt 1 and Salt 2.

And just like one of those Novels where they jump forward and backward, I'll take you on the trip with me. My Father saw me Drawing, and said, "Hey! , What is that you're Drawing There! Tracy!"

I said to My Father, "I've been checking out this Bomb Design in the encyclopedia, and they messed the whole thing up!" I said, "I have eliminated all of the barriers between the Materials so the Reaction can be Pure."

My Father took the Paper from me and said after brief examination, "This Might just Work!" I thought no more about my design after meeting what I perceive as affirmation of my Ideas by My Father.

My Father one day out of the blue, says, "Tracy! - Come with me, We are making a Special Trip Today."

We drove quietly without speech, from Lake Tahoe to Lawrence Livermore Labs. I was instructed to stay in the Truck while my Father went into the Building. After returning, We drove on without speech to Moffet Field and the Ames Research Center near San Jose, CA. Again My Father said, "Stay Here, I will return Shortly".

After what seemed like a Great amount of time, he returned and quickly showed me some Land Sat Infrared Photos, which were not the kind of things accessible to just anyone at that time. We returned to Lake Tahoe, and further explanation of how to read the Photos and What the different Colors meant, were shared between me and My Father.

These moments in my Life between me and My Father are brief and memorable. My Father had gather the Satellite Photos for Teaching Curriculum as he was in Charge of the Science Dept. at So. Lake Tahoe, Ca. I never saw my piece of Paper ever Again.

But, in 2009, i saw an episode on the History/Discovery Channel on the development of Nuclear Weapon and there before my eyes was the exact design I had created some 30 some years before.

I'm Guessing this is how I got underneath all them fine ass bitches when I found that my shyness would probably precluded me from ever mating with a female if it were not for the kindness of a Prostitute.

So? ...If you ever get your Ass Blown-Up? I guess posthumously? You could thank me.

And ...If you believe those things existing really keep you safe? I guess? ...You could thank me.

Take Care,

Tracy Mapes

h.b. is deluded 23.Feb.2014 09:48


hb: The Chinese have never been imperialistic enough to want to conquer other nations. They are not looking for "breathing space" like Hitler, and are not enslaving their population in gulags like Stalin. They're just the latest foil in the propaganda wars that are a necessary component of the NWO. China may be "Red" indeed, but it's a far Hollywood stretch to actually swallow that "Red Dawn" crap. Chuck Norris be damned. We AMUSE the Chinese. They're not out to murder us in our sleep, they just want to make money and attempt to live decently like everyone else they see on TV, film and the internet. Nuclear weapons are so rampant now that just the slightest miscalculation could trigger Armageddon. Plus there are a lot of people running around who would love to see a nuclear holocaust bring about the Second Coming, blah blah Biblical blah. Even a madman with a small tactical nuke could bring about a major conflagration through the fear factor alone. The nuclear race is just another case of "which monkey has the biggest dick".