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Obama Shot in the Head

Animated Cartoon depicts Obama's death in a fictional assassination plot.
I this cartoon just might have crossed the line. In a cartoon series called, "Conrad the Constitution" , the main character Conrad is a walking talking version of the United States Constitution. In this episode, Conrad embarks on an assassination mission to shoot Obama in the back of the head. It is eerily similar to the Lincoln assassination. Obama watches a community theatre production of Grease, when the constitution sneaks up and shoots Obama in the back of the head.

You can see the clip from the video here:

What do you think? is this acceptable?

Don't Wish Ill the Victim's of Madness ... 21.Feb.2014 13:34

Tracy Mapes

Unfortunately? ...

He has already been more than Shot in the back of the Head.

His head bears the marks of Army Research and Development. Visible scars of DARPA's Idea of the Human Entertainment Center. Subliminal Suggestion and Control that harkens back to the Nazi Military Ideas of Mind Control and the CIA's MK-Ultra Programming Model.

This practice of "Pinning" Individuals that are perceived as to Influential of Public Opinion, Dissident or Leadership Roles or Qualities are forcibly inducted into a Program where they are Literally Data mined for any and all information they hold or develop themselves.

This Control in Politicians can and does include the threat of an internal explosive Device that can be detonated if One's Aspirations of Free Will exceed the Wishes of the White Supremacy Shadow Government. This Criminally Organized Putrification and Rape of Our Nation will be the Down Fall of All of Us, including the Perpetrators, because they are not smart enough to utilized the Value of the Information they Data Mine Daily.

So? ...In this Life, if you have be "Pinned" in the Head? You are living a Life of Absolute Loss of the Liberty and Peace of Privacy, and Quite Literally have been sentenced to a Penalty worse than Death Itself. Maintaining Ones cognitive Ability to Asses and Maintain Sanity in Such Diversity is both Challenging and Painful in it's Stripping of One's Person of Credibility and Dignity.

So ...I would Never wish I'll Will Toward this President. He is a Victim of Men Gone Mad, and this Could happen to you, just as quickly as it did I.

Take Care,

Tracy Mapes

P.S. - No. I'm not so loaded as is the President. The "Pinning" entails the Shooting of Metallic Materials through the Scull, and these Shards make it possible to over-ride mechanical signal in the Brain through subliminal Suggestion and Stimulation. The first signs that you have encountered such an effected individual are Baseball Signal hand Gestures, Rubbing of the Nose, Making off Color Remarks, Humming and Singing Songs, along with Extremely Erratic Sleep Patterns.

These Signal a Driven by means of Radar Radiation, Microwave Radiation and Laser Technologies.

I was even forced to say a Word Once, with No Personal Voluntary Control of My Own Person. I Promised Myself They would never be allowed to have that Power over me again. And I have maintained myself in the Best Manner in which I could afford to do so over the Last 2 Years.

My Sister was similarly Assaulted in 2009. And as I reflect each Day, I know watch it happen to Her Life gave me Greater Understanding of what She was Going though then, and has Helped Me to Cope and Examine the Tragedy of not Only what has become of My Life but the Realization of How Deeply these People have Destroyed Our Country in the Last Decade.

Listen to Tracy, the voice of experience has spoken. 22.Feb.2014 06:44

h b

Tracy is on my short list as an expert when it comes to being a victim of Madness.
As to the original topic, Obama is a keeper. He has done more to help conservatives than any modern president. Ronald Reagan was never able to get historic wins in congress. You have to go back to the end of World War I to see republican gains like what happened in 2010. In 3 years he will be on the lecture gravy train with his Nobel Prize pulling in $20M a year doing what he does best, singing to the choir who will gladly fork up the cash to hear their hero.
He has single handedly shown generations of Americans the real value of nanny state government with Obamacare, that gift that keeps on giving. It will be 30 years before any political group attempts to dung-beetle a program like this down the isle of the congress again. It will be labeled another "Obamacare" up there with the likes of the Hindenburg, the Titanic, Dunkirk, Waterloo, etc.
So let us praise President Obama for we know him not as an evil man, a naive man, a sociopath, but as Santa Claus. The magical man who bestows gifts upon all good boys and girls. Boehner and McConnell couldn't do it without Santa's help.

Know Him (President) as a Manipulated Man. 22.Feb.2014 16:13

Tracy Mapes

But a Man, none the Less.