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Teachers Strike Update - "conceptual agreement"

This information is from the PDX JWJ website regarding the Teachers Strike and the "conceptual agreement"
As you have probably heard by now, Portland teachers and the district have negotiated a "conceptual agreement" which will likely become a tentative agreement this afternoon, at which point the strike will be suspended. So, while nothing is official yet (and with this School Board, it's important to wait until it is) Jobs with Justice anticipates this will be an important victory for teachers, students and the whole community.

We strongly believe that without dedicated organizing for a strike, primarily by teachers, but also by students, parents, and the community, the district may have never come to their senses. The contributions that so many have made over the course of the last several weeks deserve a special awknowledgement in this tense moment: brave students who took over school board meetings and led walkouts all over town, activists who came together as the Portland Teachers Solidarity Campaign and collected endorsements from the N/NE Coalition of Neighborhoods, the NAACP, the Portland Parent Union, community and union partners SEIU 49, SEIU 530, NALC, IATSE, ILWU 5, CWA, LIUNA 483, VOZ, the Working Families Party who helped over 100 volunteers find their way to action and of course the volunteers, leaders and staff of Jobs with Justice who helped ensure the leafleting of every school. Together we have not only helped to work towards this moment, but have helped strengthen the movement we need for greater change.

While we continue to support the teachers, and will be on the picket line and at the rally's in full force if a settlement is not reached, we also want to bring attention to the on-going struggle of the workers at KOIN TV, the 2013 Scrooge of the Year winner. This evening 2/18/14, at 6pm we will be rallying at KOIN Tower, 222 SW Columbia. A big turnout today could make all the difference with these difficult negotiations. Please come and let KOIN TV management know that we are watching them. As always we remain busy as ever, with Kim Bobo hosting several events this week and a full mobilization to stop the privatization of bus drivers next Monday. Stay in touch on our website and facebook!

In solidarity,

Laurie King
Portland Jobs with Justice & the Portland Teachers Solidarity Campaign

demanding justice 12.Mar.2014 10:19

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teachers end up getting 140 new teacher

power of the people when they unite and stand for justice in solidarity!