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Comment on the Keystone XL Pipeline - Open until March 7, 2014

Building pipelines means abandoning a decent infrastructure. European train do not derail all the time. They have invested in the infrastructure and a longer horizon that saves money and prevents environmental degradation. Vancouver B.C. has 26 community centers, some with swimming pools that take your breath away, a brighter future than coal trains and pipelines!
Comment on the Keystone XL pipeline - until March 7, 2014
30-day public comment period for State Dept Final SEIS started yesterday (February 16):


Nature is our partner and basis for future survival, not a free good, external or sink.

According to environmental economist Hans Christoph Binswanger, the three crises - mass unemployment, environmental destruction and trade balance - can only be solved by abandoning the model of quantitative growth and embarking on qualitative growth. A job in education costs 1/10 what a joy in a capital intensive industry like chemical dyes costs.

Conservation saves more energy than building power plants. An we mend our own pockets and rescue the world from financialization/commodification and short-term profit worship?

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