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Sick System (series) "Indigenous Injustice."

Following is my ongoing poetic series titled "Sick System" surrounding the savagery of the system. (Pictured credited to gamestime.com)
.Before Son of Man was convicted to the cross, final judgments came from one plus some equaled into a rule over all

.If your words displeased us, out comes your tongue. Guilty or innocent, off with your head! Envy more evil than that fromKing Saul

.Believe what is told from us to you, deceive the truth behold to you is our law

.Above, you were all created equal. Below, you were all separated, segregated, then sold upon value

.Suddenly, off came the shackles, you were free @z!@* damn you!

.But alas, you lack the leisures of life. No money,food, education,oreven clothes to your back. Slavery re-born. WELCOME BACK!

.Low wages, long hours, a week's work all you're worth.......even this very day. You lay, you play, you pay. Where else will you stay?

.Eyes forward holding the tray. Eyes down, you fall no pay!

.Smile at us, even through our insults. Compliment us, even on our faults. Drag your broken body back to us the very next day!

.Unable to complete the task at hand? Gather your things, get off my land. I need you no more, don't slam my door!

.Oww! You dare attack for lack of payment to you? Run for your life down our street!

.Halfway home, police meet, then drag you by the feet

.No longer a low wage worker. A prisoner, a state issued number

.Unemployment, now we sit with enjoyment at your own torment. Worry no longer about first month's rent.

.Shackled, inside you go no longer a name, just a state issued number

.But wait, recently-released out comes another!

Guess who it is? ITS YOUR OWN MOTHER!