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The Great Thorium Deception Too Cheap To Meter Since Nobody Will Live To Pay For It

The nuclear scientists and engineers are back at their drawing boards yet again. Just like the medical biochemical engineers, they suck at the troughs of their corporate masters regardless of the consequences for the rest of us. So now that Fukushima turned out to be not so too-cheap-to-meter, they have a brand new plan: Thorium reactors.
These will of course be "perfectly safe," and yet again, too-cheap-to-meter. Right. After all, these degreed experts knew precisely what was best for us when they built about 500 Fukushimas all over the planet. What could go wrong?

The uranium reactors (and sometimes plutonium spiked ones) were initially preferred, since they continuously produced cheap plutonium, "needed" for nuclear weapons. So that was the technology that has since been perfected. We no longer need these plutonium and tritium producing fission reactors because we now have tokamak continuous hot fusion reactors that can do that much more efficiently even though they do not produce any usable electrical power.

We know now that continuous hot fusion tokamak-style reactors cannot contain plasma well enough to generate useful amounts of energy, they can only produce plutonium and tritium very efficiently. Yet unsurprisingly they receive tens of billions of dollars of funding.

But the truth is that the thorium reactors, which produce much less weapons grade plutonium than uranium plants, are no safer, and produce no less nuclear waste. But as usual, the nuclear scientists and engineers will continue to suck at their corporate troughs and make up new lies. They are well paid.

There do exist very safe and high-energy producing fusion reactors that create little or even zero deadly waste: These are "pulsed fusion reactors" and "pulsed focus fusion reactors." And even so-called "cold fusion" may possibly be an excellent option. But they are not getting significantly funded.

Now India is plunging headlong into the thorium reactor abyss:
Guardian News India plans 'safer' nuclear plant powered by thorium

The 1% will practice such kind and gentle stewardship of the rest of us by imposing benevolent public relations and technology not.

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Current state of the art 17.Feb.2014 06:46

Mike Novack

"There do exist very safe and high-energy producing fusion reactors that create little or even zero deadly waste: These are "pulsed fusion reactors" and "pulsed focus fusion reactors." And even so-called "cold fusion" may possibly be an excellent option. But they are not getting significantly funded."

a)You are being deceived by "non-science" reports? Research is indeed ongoing and pulsed fusion exists in the sense that controllable and works. But at the present time the energy output is only a percent or two of the energy input, so there is a LONG way to go before we have fusion as a source of power if we ever do <<except of course in the form of sunlight, that big fusion reactor that powers all life on Earth>>

b) "cold fusion" has NOT been shown to exist.

c) Science research needs to be adequately funded, but beyond that point throwing more money at a problem doesn't necessarily lead to any faster results.

d) Whether "breeder reactors" produce power as well as more nuclear fuel (which can be used for weapons OR other reactors) depends on whether they are "asked" to do so. All power generation from reactors (of any sort) is using the reactor as a heat source to run a heat engine of some sort. The "breeder reactors" produce heat just like non breeder reactors do and all that matters is whether this heat is utilized or discarded.

BUT PLEASE NOTE --- this is NOT intended as a claim that we are going to find a way out of our ecological collapse problems by using nuclear power which has its own problems.

The obvious 17.Feb.2014 11:25

oh, well...

Use less power...

State Of The Art? Really? 17.Feb.2014 11:36


I made a misstatement when I said:

"There do exist very safe and high-energy producing fusion reactors that create little or even zero deadly waste: These are "pulsed fusion reactors" and "pulsed focus fusion reactors." And even so-called "cold fusion" may possibly be an excellent option. But they are not getting significantly funded."

Some of them do, and others probably will "produce high energy, but not very much of it" (haha). Let me answer your _points_:

a) You are undoubtedly referring to the National Ignition Facility (NIF) at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, which has used the world's most powerful assembly of lasers to extract just a bit more energy from fusion reactions they ignited than what they used to cause the ignition. Using so many lasers to ignite fusion may someday produce usable power, but really I doubt it.

b) Cold fusion has NOT been shown to NOT exist! I don't know if it does, but some reputable folks are saying it seems to work rather well. Stranger things have been known to go on in physics.

c) If "throwing more money at a problem doesn't necessarily lead to any faster results," they sure wasted a lot on CERN's $10 billion Large Hadron Collider that lies beneath the Swiss-French border.

d) I said nothing about, and am not interested in "breeder reactors", which are merely fission (not fusion) reactors. They do not seem to be the future as far as I can see.

I suspect there may be a future in accelerator-based light-ion fusion, which might consist of a "light-ion" deuterium-tritium colliders. These would produce energy via heat, which is very inefficient. I have a significant amount of hope for "pulsed focus fusion reactors" which generate little heat and very slow, harmless neutrons. They produce large amounts of X-Rays, which can be directly converted into electricity. And these units could be relatively small.

I hope this answers some questions.

I proposed a move away from nuclear and petroleum coal industries ... 17.Feb.2014 15:46

Tracy Mapes news1st@hotmail.com

...Sometime ago.

When You think about the Size of Super Tanker and the Awesome Technology to Develop such a Massive Ship to carry Man's Energy A Crossed Vast Oceans, One tends to be Blinded to the Fact that the Earth is Covered in 70% of the Awesome Horsepower that Man' Insignificance floats upon.

In my thinking, the harnessing of Ocean Power is the Future of Man's Energy and Prosperity. Not only to Provide Pollution Free Energy Sources but to do so, so cheaply that the Federalization of Power Delivery would become the Most Probable cure for the Ill Relations between Government and Its Citizenry, as it provides an Opportunity for Public Monies for the First Time in History to Allow Government to become the Enablers of the People to achieve Future Greatness by providing free Power Sources to both the Common Man and Industry.

This would Require that the Government take over all Electrical Power Distribution, to re-invigorate the Possibilities of Economic Prosperity and Competitiveness on the World Stage, at a time when High Production and Labor demands have shackled Industry between predatory Investment Bankers and Environmental Constraints that leave them few options than to Sell Products and Services cheaper than practically Profitable and secondarily be bit in the Ass by the Demands of Labor, leaving them in a competitive Abyss that there is no hope of recovery.

Anyone who would Challenge My Ideas of Free Energy would be short sighted in the Potential of what it could bring to the Table in regard to the Future Success of the American Dream and Business Model. That by providing Tax Monies to a Government undertaking that would Result in Spendable Cash in the Pockets of All Men, Women and Children, All of Industry, without Interest Penalties to Re-Build the Consumer to do the Only Thing that Man was Intended to do. Be Smart about his Future, and Survive without Warfare in Peace. Provide for his Family. And Not Destroy the Earth in His Efforts.

This does not mean the End for those Working in the Power Industry, just a Different Direction that will lead to future prosperity and Longevity for All Energy Product Industries. That while Conventional Energy Source Industry may seem to have lowered production expectations annually, the availability of the People to meet high costs for those energies would be within the Purchasing Power of the Consumer.

Leading us to an Industrial Model that not only encourages the further Development of Electric based Cars and Machinery, but slowing down the Process of Resource Depletion over Time. This will be a Lesson in the Necessity for the Success of All People's to maintenance a Safe and Peaceful World.

Utilizing the Power Grid to deliver Energy to where it is needed when it is needed is the Most Cost Effective way to Enable Industry, the Entrepreneur, and the Common Citizen to actively engage themselves in being able to forge their own Economic Opportunities, while also bonding them Likewise to the Government Body that oversees their Welfare. This is the Missing Component in the Relationship between the People and their Combined Necessity of Cooperation to Achieve a Future.

Power could still be wasted? ...But unlike Money, it cannot be horded, and taken out of the Economy as Only in its very Use, can it do what it was Meant to Do. Create Things. Opportunity Most of All.


Here are some rudimentary drawings I Created in the Kind of Ocean Power Plants I proposed. These are the type of Projects that should Inspire All Men, NASA, Army Corp. of Engineers, Government and Private Industry. The Waste Water from these Systems would return unharmed to Our Oceans, Un-Polluted and Or Processed into Future Drinking Water through De-Salinization. Both Necessities for Man's Future and One that I feel Environmentalist could Also Embrace.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

Here are some Links to how Sea Power Pump System would work. 17.Feb.2014 16:22

Tracy Mapes

Collection Pump (Sea Wave Powered)

These Units would ideally be Installed off-shore on Pylons to allow for changes in the Tide Elevation. As you can See, it Consist of a Large Collection Can and Doors to Trap Incoming Sea Water, and Evacuation Doors that function as the Collection Container's forward surfaces. This is to ease Pressure on the Unit's Integrity and Construction during Wave Cycles. There are 4 Moving Parts in this Unit with no other Power Assistance than Vacuum and Gravity being used to initialize their Operation.

Converter Turbine (Sea Wave Power to Mechanical Delivery)

These would ideally be installed on Shore for easy Maintenance, and would be be piggy-backed in rows to delivery maximum Horsepower. If One Bank failed or needed Maintenance, a Secondary Bank would be brought online to Ensure Continuous Operation of the Sea Powered Plant.

Sea Power Farm (Even Pressure Sea Wave Horsepower by Manifold Collection)

This Manifold was envisioned to create a even Flow of Continuous Water Pressure. It was designed because of things I learned about Exhaust Flow differences between V8 and V6 Motors from my Father as a Child. The Collection of which is further enhanced by the Reverse Use of Tuned Headers used on High Performance Gas Engines used in Cars.

These are Infrastructure Products with Minimal Moving Parts meant to be Self Sustaining with Minimal Maintenance for 50 to 250 Years.

-Tracy Mapes

classic Blues 18.Feb.2014 14:08


"Cold fusion has NOT been shown to NOT exist!"

Except every time someone claims cold fusion exists, it turns out to either be a hoax, or terrible science which can't be replicated. This has been the case for decades

When you propose the existence of something, the burden of proof is on you to show it exists - it is not up to people to prove something DOESN'T exist.

You know what else "has not been shown not to exist"? Santa Claus, Zeus, and Noah's Ark.

Better get searching.